SEO & Social Media: Tips, Tricks, and Trends


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Social media is now an essential component of small business marketing, but it does not replace more “traditional” forms of online marketing for businesses, such as search engine optimization. This presentation will get you up to speed on the most important elements of social media marketing and search engine optimization, as well as the ways in which they work together to enhance each other.

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SEO & Social Media: Tips, Tricks, and Trends

  1. 1.  Creating websites for 14years Participating in SocialMedia for 7 years MBA in Marketing Certificates in E-Business MarketingManagement Project Management Google AdWords Advanced Social MediaPam AungstOwner,Online Marketing ConsultantPam Ann Marketing
  2. 2.  How SEO & Social Media work together Social Media Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn SEO Google Local Authorship StumbleUponDownload this slide deck at
  3. 3. Facebook posts arereaching less fans.Download this slide deck at
  4. 4. 1) Learn EdgeRankEdgeRank eBook: Podcast: this slide deck at
  5. 5. Schedule posts once a weekto save time, but....DO NOT use tools likeHootsuite to schedule posts.Use Facebook’s ownscheduling featureDO NOT “set it and forget it”.Always reply to all commentsDownload this slide deck at
  6. 6. Don’t want to learn EdgeRank?Look at Insights:ViralityDownload this slide deck at
  7. 7.  Do more of whatworks Do less of whatdoesn’t workDownload this slide deck at
  8. 8. 2) Pay to Promote PostsDownload this slide deck at
  9. 9. Reserve paidpromotion for mostimportant posts.Download this slide deck at
  10. 10. Pinterest now drives moretraffic thanYahoo! SearchDownload this slide deck at
  11. 11.  Establish or convert to biz page Use “Experi-Pinning” forblogging ideas this slide deck at
  12. 12. Download this slide deck at
  13. 13. People are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rateof approximately 2 new members per second.Download this slide deck at
  14. 14.  Post Updates Company Individual Group Complete Company Profile Products & ServicesDownload this slide deck at
  15. 15.  Drive traffic viaLinkedIn Groups Use LinkedInbookmarklet or sharebutton to post toseveral groups at onceDownload this slide deck at
  16. 16. Download this slide deck at
  17. 17. Download this slide deck at
  18. 18. Download this slide deck at
  19. 19. 1. Convert Places Page orEstablish Local G+ Page2. Build Circles3. Reviews, Reviews, ReviewsDownload this slide deck at
  20. 20.  Add street address to website Add Schema Markupfor address/phone▪ HTML▪ Wordpress PluginsDownload this slide deck at
  21. 21. AuthorshipDownload this slide deck at
  22. 22.  Set up Authorship BuildYourG+ Circles Put Strong Keywords in beginning of BlogTitle Use Google AdWords KeywordToolDownload this slide deck at
  23. 23.  Although losing ground toPinterest, StumbleUpon still drivestons of blog traffic Popular articles on StumbleUponacquire inbound linksDownload this slide deck at
  24. 24.  Stumble all of your own articles Try StumbleUpon “Paid Discovery”Download this slide deck at
  25. 25.  Links as of 10/14: 183 ext followed from 37 root domains Set up paid stumble for 1 article on 10/15.Paid $50 for 500 visitors Links as of 11/19: 303 ext followed from 56 root domains An increase of 120 links and 19 root domains in 1monthDownload this slide deck at
  26. 26. Download this slide deck at Facebook EdgeRank /Virality Promote Posts Schedule (via FB) Pinterest Create content around “pinnable”images Pin images from that content LinkedIn Updates Company Profile Group traffic: bookmarklet & sharebutton SEO Local: REVIEWS on maps listing Local: Schema Authorship: Link & build circles Link build via StumbleUpon Overall Keep up onTrends to continuouslydiscover Tips &Tricks that increasetraffic
  27. 27. SEO & Social Media:Tips,Tricks &TrendsDownload this slide deck at! “Web Traffic Controller” Online Marketing ClassREGISTER ASAP – Will fill up fast!http://WebTrafficController.comDevelop a solid online marketing strategy and learnhow to implement it in this unique hands-on course.