Facebook basics for business


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Do you want to get your business up on Facebook but have no idea where to start? Join me for this informative webinar on how to create a business Facebook page – and then what to do with it!

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Facebook basics for business

  1. 1.  Creating websites for 15 years  Participating in Social Media for 8 years  MBA in Marketing  Certificates in  E-Business Marketing Management  Project ManagementPam Aungst  Google AdWordsOwner, Online Marketing ConsultantPam Ann Marketing  Advanced Social Media
  2. 2.  Submit your questions via the Q&A box
  3. 3. As of 12/31/12, Facebook has1.06 BILLION monthly active users618 million DAILY active users
  4. 4. The evolvement of business credibilityYellow Pages AdWebsiteFacebook Page
  5. 5. Create a BUSINESS pagePersonal Profiles have an “Add Friend” buttonBusiness Pages have a “Like” buttonIt is against Facebook’s TOS to use a personalprofile for business. They WILL delete you!
  6. 6. Go to Facebook.com/PagesClick on “Create Page”
  7. 7. Follow instructionsFill out COMPLETELYSize photos correctly: Profile photo SQUARE 180px by 180px Cover photo 851px wide by 315 px highClaim your URL (i.e. Facebook.com/YourCompanyName) Go to Facebook.com/username
  8. 8. DO NOT linkyour Twitteraccount toyourFacebookpage!
  9. 9.  Include the “Like Us on Facebook” call-to- action in:  Existing advertising in all forms of media  The company website  On business cards,  In email signatures  On invoices/packing slips and other stationary  On phone system hold messages,  …and more.
  10. 10.  Engage with other brands
  11. 11. GOALSDemonstrate your expertiseProvide an engaging / fun / educationalexperienceDrive traffic to your websiteIncrease brand & event awarenessFoster customer loyalty
  12. 12.  Create an editorial schedule Align schedule with goals
  13. 13. Mondays: (Expertise) Case study on how we fixed a complex plumbing problemTuesdays: (Educate) Tip about saving on water usageWednesdays: (Website) A DIY fix it article from our blogThursdays: (Brand Awareness) A testimonial from a customerFridays: (Loyalty) Offer for repeat customers
  14. 14. Schedule all posts for the week in advance
  15. 15. Check or adjust your schedule in the activity log
  16. 16.  ALWAYS answer comments Tag the commenter in your response  (Use the @ symbol in front of their name to tag them)
  17. 17.  Fans don’t see all of your posts
  18. 18. 1) Learn EdgeRank2) Use Promoted Posts EdgeRank eBook: http://bit.ly/EdgeRankBook EdgeRank Podcast: http://bit.ly/EdgeRankPod
  19. 19. Virality
  20. 20.  Create a BUSINESS page Strategize Schedule Streamline Engage Optimize
  21. 21. Discounted private consultations For webinar guests ONLY! http://bit.ly/PamConsultFacebook Basics for Business