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Haiku poetry


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Haiku poetry

  1. 1. Poetry: Japanese Haiku
  2. 2. What are Haiku poems? Haiku poems are Japanese and contain only 3 lines The poems are used to paint a picture in the readers mind Each line has a certain number of syllables
  3. 3. History • • • • 17th century Japanese poetry Has roots in Zen Buddhism Famous poet: Matsuo Basho Originally focused on nature
  4. 4. Structure • The first line of every haiku has 5 syllables • The second contains 7 syllables • The final line contains 5 syllables • This forms a 5,7,5 pattern I am first with five Then seven in the middle Five again to end • Haikus are usually about nature
  5. 5. Examples • Snow melts. Suddenly, the village is full of children • Green and speckled legs Hops on logs and lily-pads Splash in cool water • In a pouch I grow On a southern continent Strange creatures I know
  6. 6. NOW MAKE YOUR OWN! • Pick an animal. • Pick a season (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) • Pick a weather element • Pick whatever you want!!! If you want it to rhyme use: