How To Create An Effective Autoresponder Series


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How To Create An Effective Autoresponder Series

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  2. 2. Autoresponders are email messages that can be scheduled in advance and delivered in asystematic manner.As a business owner you likely already take advantage of this technology to send outnewsletters and other business information.Another effective way to make use of this email technology is to create a series of messagesthat all add up to one extremely useful package of information.Each message adds on to the information you’ve already provided to your prospect. It helpsestablish your credibility as a reliable source of value and it offers benefits to your subscriber.An autoresponder series also helps provide you with more opportunities to promote yourproducts or services.Here’s how to create an effective autoresponder series.1st: Choose A Focused TopicChoose an autoresponder topic that is focused and addresses a niche need.For example, “how to start an aquarium” is a fairly broad topic yet, “how to start a salt watercoral aquarium” is more specific.A focused topic provides more value to your reader.
  3. 3. 2nd: Tell Them What’s To ComeLet your reader know what to expect from each autoresponder.For example, you might end your message with, “keep an eye out for the next lesson in thisseries where you’ll learn….”3rd: Remind Them Of What You’ve Already CoveredYou may want to include a few reminders about what you’ve already covered.Don’t get too heavy handed with this because you can end up with too many links.However, it does make sense to link to past newsletters or and upload them onto your websiteso subscribers can refer back if they missed a message. It’s also a good way to drive traffic toyour site.4th: Promote Yourself StrategicallyThe goal of an autoresponder series is to provide value and build your business.Readers expect links to your site and a certain amount of promotion yet it is important to makesure that you promote strategically.
  4. 4. For example you probably don’t want to give a heavy pitch in the first message.However, it does make sense to make the last message more promotional.Test and track your calls to action and promotional offers as your messages are delivered.You may find that promoting in every other message or every third message you deliverprovides the best balance.5th: Have A Goal For Your SeriesWhat do you want to accomplish with your autoresponder series?Not just theoretical goals but actual measurable goals? What’s your objective?Create a goal and build your autoresponder series around that goal.Without a goal your messages may feel disjointed and unfocused but a single goal that youcan measure will help you stay on track and provide your readers with the most benefit.Finally test and track your messages then use the information to determine what tactics workbest.
  5. 5. For example, maybe your subscribers open messages with numbers in the subject line ormaybe they prefer messages delivered on Tuesday afternoons.Most autoresponder services provide analytics so you can adapt your strategy and messagesas you receive more information.Success & Blessings!Pam LawhornePS. Want to learn how you can learn to use email marketing and online marketing to makemore money in your business?Well you can do so by following a proven system just like I did! Doing so allows meto make $300 -$1,000 per day working from the comforts of my home! Ready to get started?Then take action now and get started today!
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