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Can You Really Make 6-Figures A Year Blogging? Find Out The Answer.

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Can You Really Make 6-Figures A Year Blogging? Find Out The Answer.

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  2. 2. The question I get asked frequently is can you really make 6-figures a year or morethrough blogging and the answer is a resounding YES!There are literally hundreds of thousands of people making some really serious money onlinethrough blogging.Now the way folks make it to 6-figures will vary...Some make money by getting paid as freelancers to write on other peoples blogs, while othersmake money by having their own blog.Both methods pay enough so that people can easily earn 6-figures a year or more doing them.Still not convinced?Well Im going to walk you through how you can get started with both and then Ill tell youhow you can make from $300-$1,000 per day by doing exactly what I do!Method # 1: Freelance BloggingA freelance blogger is someone who writes blog posts for other peoples blogs in exchange fora pre-set payment.
  3. 3. On a low end, some freelance bloggers only make $5.00 per post but I also know of quite a fewwho make from $300 to $500 a post and even more!There are three different places to get your first gig as a paid blogger and they are:- ProBlogger.netKeep in mind that the competition is quite heavy so if you want to win bids, you should haveseveral first class samples on hand.Even if you need to write five articles just for the sake of having samples and not getting paidfor them, its probably worth it.In the beginning, you can expect to earn around $5-$25 a post.With time (and some stellar writing) youll be able to command higher rates.Method # 2: Your Own BlogIf you have your own blog, you can do very well with blogging!And theres a bunch of different ways you can make money by using your own website but Imonly outline a few…
  4. 4. Write Paid Review Or ArticlesBasically this is where companies will pay you money to review their product on your blog.Promote Affiliate ProductsYou can make money by selling or promoting different affiliate products and programs.You review programs that you personally endorse and any time someone buys the productthrough your link, you get paid a commission!Advertising ProgramsYou can also make money through advertising programs and AdSense is the easiest programto get started with and can be placed on just about any website.Plus you can also make money by selling your own advertising to people who want toadvertise on your site.Now with your own website, in order to make 6-figures or more a year through blogging, thefirst thing youll need to do is build up an audience.
  5. 5. The secret to building an audience is to provide very, very good content over a long period oftime.That, coupled with some basic SEO and online promotion techniques, will help you graduallyand steadily build a reputable site online that can make you a very generous full-time income.So Can You Really Make 6-Figures A Year From Blogging?The answer is yes, absolutely!If youve never made money online before, it can seem a little too good to be true."You mean I can get paid for blogging? Really?"However, its not as easy as it seems.It takes work and commitment.Success & Blessings!Pam Lawhorne
  6. 6. Discover The 3 Strategic Marketing Techniques That Allows You To Literally Create Wealth From From Out Of “Thin Air”! CLICK THE LINK