6 Tips To Help You Run A Successful Social Media Campaign


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6 Tips To Help You Run A Successful Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  2. 2. In many ways, social media advertising has been in its infancy... but there are strong signsthat its finally getting ready to grow up!Theres even a new agency in place to handle the growth and demand: The InteractiveAdvertising Bureau (IAB) and they have set some measurable standards.Mainstream companies have sprung up around it and almost all of the major social networksnot only have it, but have made a series of rapid changes to conform to it within the lastcouple of years.As a matter of fact, Facebook changed its privacy policy (secretly at first) so it could dowhatever it wanted with the feed, content and photos posted by users; then changed it againafter the secrecy blew up in their faces!And while Twitter is still trying to figure out how to make millions through advertising, Beboand Flixster have hired New York ad megafirm Lotame to administer their platform.And of course, since social media advertising is now starting to mature... theres a lot ofopinion and data flying about as people debate whether or not social advertising really works. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  3. 3. Predicting The Future Of Social Media PatternsParties on both sides have brought forth persuasive and often equally valid arguments:Noticing the shift to where ad money is going will give you the ultimate clue.And yes, spending on social media advertising has been increasing so rapidly over the last fewyears that last year eMarketer moved all its former predictions on social advertisings futureforward a full year!And not too long ago Facebook hit 1 billion users and they literally knocked MySpace out ofthe water!It doesnt take a physicist or a psychic to predict that social media advertising will have a hugeimpact on local business too, thanks to the geographically targeted ads its possible to createon some media and most notably Facebook.I mean the system has its flaws... like its not available in many countries.And on Facebook if you live outside the US, you can target only by country, which may renderthat option less viable.But knowing Facebook it wouldnt be a stretch to predict their developers are working on thatas we speak. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  4. 4. Some Things Never Change...So while its important to keep up with the news and watching the trends change in socialadvertising, there are 6 tips that will always remain the same.They are...Tip # 1: Its Worth It In The Long RunSocial media advertising is worth it, even if the percentage of engaged viewers is still smallbecause for every one active social media viewer you have, there will be anywhere from 6-14brought into the fold by that single person.Think of that exponential increase factor - targeted viewers or readers brought in for you bymembers of your own market.Tip # 2: When In Doubt Lean Towards WomenIf you are unsure whether the user base is more male than female, or if you know both sexesare represented equally then always market to the women. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  5. 5. Not only do women nowadays have 80% of the buying power, according to countless netsources, men will usually be influenced or guided by the significant females in their lives.A man will often walk into the store and buy the same soap hes bought for the last 7 years;the woman is the one who will try something new - especially if she makes a personalconnection with your ad or brand.Tip # 3: Keep Up With The StatsTracking, of course, is still king!Check whatever social network youre considering using to see what their tracking provisionsand choices are.If none exist then set them in place yourself, hire someone to handle it for you or else moveon to another network.Tip # 4: Get Social And MultiplyDont forget the double-edged sword of word-to-mouth recommendations in socialadvertising. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  6. 6. Make sure you deliver what you promise and if you somehow blow it: publicly acknowledge itand then fix the mistake as quickly as possible.You can turn disasters into an advertising opportunity, as Maple Leaf and Toyota recently didlast year.Tip # 5: Keep It SimpleRemember that the one critical factor your ads all need is a social context.Make sure they are preceded by and linked to social network pages, videos, groups, content.Give your fans a place to congregate, vent and enthuse.Hold contests and polls, ask for feedback, and offer virtual gifts. Engage.Otherwise, your ads are guaranteed to be seen as annoying banners everyone should justtotally ignore.Tip # 6: Remember To Keep The Party GoingDont throw the baby out with the bathwater... meaning dont neglect all your otheradvertising venues: email, offline flyers, website banner ads, or AdWords. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  7. 7. Just track all of them and tweak them accordingly.In most cases, social media advertising is best used to compliment these other campaigncomponents.Follow these 6 tips, and youll ride out the storms while others are still waiting to decidewhich social networks to use.Would you like to find out how you can work with me and learn how to use social media toget more business and traffic then you ever thought was possible?Well contact me and Ill show you can learn the exact same system that Im using thatallows me to work only a few hours a day, from the comforts of my home, and rake in $300 to$1,000 per day and sometimes even more!Or if you want to just bypass all of the small talk and youre ready to take action, you canjust join me here!Success & Blessings!Pam Lawhorne www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
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