3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Deepen Your Connections Online


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3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Deepen Your Connections Online

  1. 1. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  2. 2. In the early days of the internet, the only way you could really build a connection with yourcustomers was either through email or through their website... and then thats when Web 2.0came and everything changed.With the advent of social media the potential depth and breadth of your connection withyour customers has become virtually limitless!That is... if you know how to leverage social media properly.Social media presents an incredible opportunity for the shrewd marketer.How can you use social media to deepen existing connections and attract new customers?Way To Build Better Connections # 1: Build Relationships With People WhoDont Give Email AddressesThese days it takes a lot for someone to give you their email address.Even top marketers rarely get more than 20% of the people who land on an email capture pageto actually give them their email address.Contrast that with what it takes for someone to "Like" or follow you. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  3. 3. In order for someone to "Like" you people just need to see a piece of your content that theyconnect with anywhere on the web or through their friends feed.It doesnt take much and can be just a passing thought.The same goes for tweets... If someone sees one tweet of yours that they like they can decide tofollow you.You can reach a lot of people who wouldnt have otherwise got in your funnel through socialmedia.Way To Build Better Connections # 2: Be Mindful That Social Media Is A Two-Way StreetEmail marketing and (most) website marketing is a one way street which means that youre theone whos providing the content while your customers consume the content.You put out emails they read the emails and while this can be an effective way to market aproduct its nowhere near as effective as having a real connection with your customers.Social media allows you to have a two-way conversation because they can comment on yourstories, tweet back, answer polls, like, post on your wall and express their opinions howeverthey like. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  4. 4. This gets people much more invested in your brand and in your product.Someone who just reads your emails versus someone whos in active discussion with you aretwo completely different kinds of customers.The latter will vehemently recommend your products, buy from you regularly and share yourcontent, while the former may only purchase every once in a while.Way To Build Better Connections # 3: Access To Peoples FriendsFinally, social media gives you access to other peoples social networks.With email marketing you only get access to one person.On social media, if you make a post or a tweet that someone strongly agrees with, yourcontent will immediately be shared with hundreds of other people.Among those people are more people who might re-share your content.Social media is a powerful tool for building two-way connections and reaching friends ofyour customers. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  5. 5. Do you have a social media strategy for your business? If not Id love to help you set one up.Plus Ill also show you how I use social media to get customers and earn a recurring incomeof $300 to $1,000 per day, all from the comforts of my home... and I can show you how youcan do it too!Ready to get started? You can join me here!Success & Blessings!Pam Lawhorne www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
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