3 Tips To Help You Get Where You Want To Be Quicker!


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Discover The 3 Strategic Marketing Techniques That Will Help You Create Wealth From Out Of Thin Air.

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3 Tips To Help You Get Where You Want To Be Quicker!

  1. 1. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  2. 2. Not reaching the goals that you set for yourself and your business?Well if youre not then you may be surprised to learn that theres actually a real reason why...As silly as it sounds it can be as simple as you the goals that youve set for yourself simply werenot the right goals!HUH???Heres what I mean...Maybe the goals that you for yourself simply weren’t the right goals for YOU!Or it could just be that they just need a little tweaking.Whatever your situation is, the following tips will help you set better business goals plus theywill also help you with improving your personal life too!Tip # 1: Make Sure Your Goals Are Really, Really Good!If your goal doesn’t excite you then guess what??? It’s not a good goal! www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  3. 3. And if its not a good goal then you won’t feel motivated to plan for success, let alone followthrough on your plans!In the end, your "results" will be that you have yet another unachieved goal so instead of goingthat route, make sure that you create goals that make you feel motivated and excited.Your heart should pound with a bit of anticipation when you think about your goal and ifreaching your goal frightens you even just a little bit... then that’s often a good sign!It means you’ll be challenged to reach it and challenging goals are always more fun to attainthan those that seem easy or dull.Tip # 2: Be As Detailed As Possible About Your GoalsVague goals are not only difficult to achieve but they’re also hard to evaluate too!So how will you know when you’ve achieved success?Well when you’re creating your goals, be specific about what you want to achieve and howyou’re going to achieve it.For example, do you want to write a book this year?Great! www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  4. 4. Now its time to get down and dirty with the details... •When will you publish it? •When will you have the outline completed? •Who will edit it? •How many pages will you write each day?Get detailed with your goals and your plans.Knowing these details allows you to stay on track and also know when youre actuallyreached some milestones too!Tip # 3: Practicing Predicting Your FutureOne of the keys to setting better goals is to look both at your past successes and failures andthen look at the future.When looking at your past, assess the goals you achieved and the goals you didn’t quitereach.Then dig deep to uncover why some goals were easier to attain than others and makeadjustments to your future goals based on what youve discovered. www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  5. 5. So when you begin to look forward, try to envision yourself having achieved your goal. •What does success look like? •What does it feel like? •How does your life and your business change as a result of your success?Goal setting may seem easy yet it can be a significant challenge to set good goals for yourselfand your business.Be sure that you keep your goals in line with your vision of your future and what successmeans to you.Use the past as a stepping stone and learning tool and create specific goals that excite you.Do you want to achieve more and make more with your business and want to find out howyou can begin working with me?Well contact me and learn how you can accomplish more in your life and business then youever thought was possible! www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
  6. 6. Ill show you how you can access to the exact same system that Im using that allows me towork only a few hours a day, from the comforts of my home, and rake in $300 to $1,000 perday and sometimes even more!Or if you want to just bypass all of the small talk and youre ready to take action, you canjust join me here!Success & Blessings!Pam Lawhorne www.MakeMoneyWithPamLawhorne.com
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