Kent Card


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Issued in association with Royal Bank of Scotland.
Ms. Gina Walton, Project Manager, Kent County Council

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Kent Card

  1. 1. Kent Card Issued in association with Royal Bank of Scotland
  2. 2. Brief History • A new streamlined and cost effective solution was required for delivering direct payments • A system was needed for people who have been excluded in the past from having a direct payment • Kent County Council in partnership with The Royal Bank of Scotland developed a system that would revolutionise the direct payment process
  3. 3. The result was the first pre-loaded card programme for Direct Payment recipients ‘The Kent Card’ Launched March 2007
  4. 4. Why did KCC introduce Kent Card? • To support the personalisation agenda in social care and empower individuals • Reduce the complexity around direct payments: - Kent Card removes the need to negotiate the opening of a bank account - Each card is pre loaded with an agreed amount flexibility, freedom, choice and control
  5. 5. How the card works…..CARD ISSUING & Application Form LOADING Monthly Statements & Daily Web-access Within 9 Working Cardholder detail spreadsheet RBS Days Funds Loaded - Day 3/4 Crediting
  6. 6. Kent Card Features • The ability to block spending in certain Merchant groups • Cash facility is automatically restricted • Monthly statements • Detailed management and audit information reporting • KCC 24hr helpline • Personal Assistants can be paid via Kent Card • Cardholder can nominate an additional cardholder
  7. 7. Kent Card Figures and Targets Currently in Kent there are 991 Kent Card Users East Kent: 683 Kent Card Users West Kent:308 Kent Card Users Target figure for March 2010 is 1500
  8. 8. Service User Groups on Kent Card Service Users Groups within East Kent 2008-2009 Physically Disabled Service User Groups Older People Mental Health Learning Difficulties 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 Amount of Service Users
  9. 9. The Future of Kent Card In NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent To build on the integrated commissioning structures between Health and Social Care, KCC has been supporting NHS eastern and coastal Kent who have successfully submitted an expression of interest to the Department of Health as a pilot site for personal health budgets. The Kent Card is the cornerstone for this pilot Personal health budgets as close to a direct payment as is currently legally possible
  10. 10. Kent Card and Personal Health Budgets • Maternity Services piloting the use of Independent Midwives through Kent Card • Reduction health inequalities • Increasing homebirths and breastfeeding • Access ante-natal and post natal support • End of Life Care • Continuing Care • Carers • Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing
  11. 11. Benefits for Providers who accept Kent Card • Payment credited to providers accounts directly, this reduces processing time and associated costs • Users of direct payments is set to increase • Providers are added to a list of UK suppliers that accept VISA • Providers are added to the Kent County Council website showing that they accept Kent Card • Increase business opportunities with the facility of accepting VISA
  12. 12. Award winning Kent Card Winner at the VISA European Awards ‘Best corporate social responsibility programme’ Kent Card has been nominated for Innovation and Progress at Guardian Public Service Awards 2009 and The pre-paid awards 2009 category- Best Corporate or Government loaded programme
  13. 13. Kent Card Film This can be viewed on