Individual Emporwerment in Kent


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Personal Health Budgets. Kent County Council and NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent
Presentation by Project Manager Georgina Walton

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Individual Emporwerment in Kent

  1. 1. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Georgina Walton<br />Personal Health Budgets <br />Project Manager<br />Kent County Council and NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent <br />
  2. 2. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />1. Kent: Overview<br />2. Transforming Health and Social Care<br />3. Personalisation within Kent Adult Social Services<br />4. Kent Card <br />5. Personal Health Budgets <br />
  3. 3. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />
  4. 4. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Overview of Kent <br /><ul><li>Population: 1.4 Million People
  5. 5. Variations of Deprivation
  6. 6. Challenge of Ageing Population: </li></ul>By 2026it is expected:<br />People aged 85+ to increase by 100%<br />People 75+ to increase by over 60% <br />People 65+ to increase by over 30%<br />In Kent it is expected:<br /> 85+ 2,900 new dementia cases<br /> 65+ 8,310 new dementia cases<br />
  7. 7. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Health and Social Care in Kent<br />2 Primary Care Commissioning Trust<br />3 Acute NHS Hospital Trusts<br />1 joint NHS & Social Care Mental Health Trust<br />1 Ambulance Trust, 1 Fire Service, 1 Police Service<br />1 Adult Social Care Services<br />On a typical day…..<br />20,000 people see their Doctor <br />50,000 prescription items are dispensed<br />32,000 people are supported to live independently<br />60,000+ people work in the health & social care sector<br />
  8. 8. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />1. Kent: Overview<br />2. Transforming Health and Social Care<br />3. Personalisation within Kent Adult Social Services<br />4. Kent Card <br />5. Personal Health Budgets <br />
  9. 9. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Transforming Health and Social Care<br /><ul><li>Initially born out of the disability rights movement in the late 1970s
  10. 10. The first legislation allowing Direct Payments for social care was passed in 1996, in the Community Care (Direct Payments) Act.
  11. 11. Our Health, Our Care, Our Say: A new direction for community services (published 2006)</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />1. Overview of Kent<br />2. Transforming Health and Social Care<br />3. Personalisation within Kent Adult Social Services<br />4. Kent Card <br />5. Personal Health Budgets<br />
  12. 12. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />
  13. 13. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Achieving this by:<br /><ul><li>Information, advice and guidance
  14. 14. Carers assessments and support
  15. 15. Assistive technology</li></ul> Telecare and Telehealth<br /><ul><li>Enablement Services </li></ul> 6 weeks intensive free support<br /><ul><li>Consultation with Communities
  16. 16. Personal Budgets</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Person agrees with Social Services how their needs will be met<br />
  17. 17. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Personalisation within Adult Social Services<br />Personal Budgets<br />An allocation of funding that can be used to purchase support from the public, private or voluntary sector, managed by:<br /><ul><li>Social Services
  18. 18. Private or voluntary provider
  19. 19. Individual as a Direct Payment</li></ul>Must be used on meeting assessed social care needs<br />
  20. 20. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Direct Payments<br />Used by people to make their own arrangements<br />Duty to offer this to virtually all people, including families of people who lack mental capacity<br />Can be paid to:<br /><ul><li> Bank account
  21. 21. Kent Card</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />1. Kent: Overview<br />2. Transforming Health and Social Care<br />3. Personalisation within Kent Adult Social Services<br />4. Kent Card<br />5. Personal Health Budgets <br />
  22. 22. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Brief History<br /><ul><li>A new streamlined and cost effective solution was required for delivering direct payments
  23. 23. A system was needed for people who have been excluded in the past from having a direct payment
  24. 24. Kent County Council in partnership with The Royal Bank of Scotland developed a system that would revolutionise the direct payment process</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />The result was the first pre-loaded card programme for Direct Payment recipients<br />‘The Kent Card’<br />Launched March 2007<br />
  25. 25. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Why did KCC introduce Kent Card?<br /><ul><li>To support the personalisation agenda in social care and empower individuals
  26. 26. Reduce the complexity around direct payments: </li></ul> - Kent Card removes the need to negotiate the opening of a bank account<br /> - Each card is pre loaded with an agreed amount<br />Flexibility, Freedom, Choice and Control<br />
  27. 27. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Application Form<br />RBS<br />Cardholder detail spreadsheet<br />Crediting <br />How the card works…..CARD ISSUING & LOADING<br />Monthly Statements & Daily Web-access<br />Within <br />9 Working<br /> Days<br />Funds Loaded<br /> - Day 3/4<br />
  28. 28. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Kent Card Features<br /><ul><li>The ability to block spending in certain Merchant groups
  29. 29. Cash facility is automatically restricted
  30. 30. Monthly statements
  31. 31. Detailed management and audit information reporting
  32. 32. KCC 24hr helpline
  33. 33. Personal Assistants can be paid via Kent Card
  34. 34. Cardholder can nominate an additional cardholder</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Benefits for Providers who accept Kent Card<br /><ul><li>Payment credited to providers accounts directly, this reduces processing time and associated costs
  35. 35. Users of direct payments is set to increase
  36. 36. Providers are added to a list of UK suppliers that accept VISA
  37. 37. Providers are added to the Kent County Council website showing that they accept Kent Card
  38. 38. Increased business opportunities with the facility of accepting VISA</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Award winning Kent Card<br />Winner at the VISA European Awards <br />‘Best corporate social responsibility programme’<br /> Kent Card was shortlisted for Innovation and Progress at Guardian Public Service Awards 2009 and The pre-paid awards 2009 category- Best Corporate or Government loaded programme<br />
  39. 39. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />
  40. 40. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />1. Kent: Overview<br />2. Transforming Health and Social Care<br />3. Personalisation within Kent Adult Social Services<br />4. Kent Card <br />5. Personal Health Budgets<br />
  41. 41. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Backdrop<br />“ You have the right to make choices about your NHS care and to information to support these choices. The options available to you will develop over time and depend on your individual needs.”<br />(Section 2a of the NHS Constitution)<br />
  42. 42. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />What’s involved?<br />There are 4 key stages Personal Health Budgets<br />Managing the <br />plan and getting <br />the care <br />e.g. by direct payment<br />Knowing amount of money in the budget<br />Agreeing the Care plan which sets out:<br /><ul><li>health needs / outcomes,
  43. 43. money in budget
  44. 44. What goods and services will be bought and the cost of these</li></ul>Monitoring <br />and<br /> Review<br />
  45. 45. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Different ways of delivering a personal health budget<br />Notional individual budget<br />Already legallypossible<br />Personal care <br />plans<br />More direct control to individuals<br />Real budget held on the individual’s behalf<br />Direct payment – cash held by patient<br />
  46. 46. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />What can a budget be spent on?<br /><ul><li>Not emergency care or core GP services
  47. 47. Agreed care plan with agreed health and wellbeing objectives
  48. 48. Services should be appropriate for the state to provide – not gambling, debt repayment, alcohol, tobacco</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Six principles<br /><ul><li>Upholding NHS values
  49. 49. Quality is key!
  50. 50. Tackling inequalities and protecting equality
  51. 51. Personal health budgets are voluntary
  52. 52. Decision making close to the individual
  53. 53. Partnership</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Local key deliverables<br />NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent to pilot:<br /><ul><li>Continuing Health Care with 20 patients
  54. 54. End of Life Care with 4 patients
  55. 55. Maternity with 30 women
  56. 56. Carers
  57. 57. Mental Health with 20 individuals
  58. 58. Testing the potential of Kent Card</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Local key deliverables<br />To build on the integrated commissioning structures between Health and Social Care, KCC has been supporting NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent and will test the potential of the Kent Card as the payment mechanism for the Personal Health Budget<br />
  59. 59. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Why are Personal Health Budgets Important?<br /><ul><li>Increasing satisfaction with services
  60. 60. Increasing health outcomes
  61. 61. Integration of health and social care
  62. 62. System efficiency and costs</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Evaluation of the pilot<br />The independent evaluation team in place will <br />report at intervals over 3 years, to include:<br />Health, wellbeing, experience and access<br />Variation by condition and background<br />Financial impact<br />Effect on NHS services<br />Practical – what works, what doesn’t?<br />Impact on staff<br />
  63. 63. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Programme timeline<br />Summer 2010First interim report published<br />March 2010Regulation in place<br />2012End of pilots and evaluation<br />Mid-2010Direct payments allowed in pilots (subject to regulation)<br />April 2010Recruitment to evaluation cohort starts<br />
  64. 64. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Key Challenges<br /><ul><li>Delivering Personal Health Budgets in a time of financial challenge
  65. 65. Embedding Personal Health Budgets at the heart of the NHS
  66. 66. Supporting cultural change </li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />The Future of Personal Health Budgets<br /><ul><li>Big Society
  67. 67. One of a number of different forms of personalisation being explored across the welfare state
  68. 68. Future link all publicly funded support
  69. 69. Integration and joint processes
  70. 70. Giving people choice an control should be a way of driving up quality </li></li></ul><li>Some potential examples of things that can be included<br /><ul><li>Equipment - electric wheelchairs, beds etc
  71. 71. Hydrotherapy
  72. 72. Complimentary therapy e.g. acupuncture
  73. 73. Air conditioning
  74. 74. Activities and classes instead of traditional mental health services
  75. 75. Alternative respite arrangements</li></ul>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />
  76. 76. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Case Study: <br />How Personal Health Budgets work in Kent<br />
  77. 77. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Keys Lessons So Far<br /><ul><li>It takes Time
  78. 78. Cultural Shift
  79. 79. Support Systems are Essential
  80. 80. Development of Provider Market
  81. 81. Partnership Working</li></li></ul><li>Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />Realising potential of Personalisation means:<br />Better use of existing resources, <br />Improved communication and partnership working between professionals, users and carers, and across agencies, and<br />More flexible services focused on<br /> the needs and priorities of service <br /> users and carers.<br />
  82. 82. Individual Empowerment in Kent<br />