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Halland County Council


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Welcome to Halland County Council, Jörgen Preuss

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Halland County Council

  1. 1. Welcome to Halland County Council
  2. 2. Halland Alingsås Göteborg Borås Jönköping Kungsbacka Varberg Värnamo Falkenberg Hyltebruk Växjö Halmstad Ljungby Laholm Ängelholm Helsingborg Karlshamn Karlskrona Kristianstad Lund Malmö
  3. 3. Halland County Council City Hospital Health care center Ambulance station Public dental clinic
  4. 4. Health care and dental care Health care • Two emergency hospitals – in Halmstad and in Varberg. Specialized care is also provided in Falkenberg and in Kungsbacka. • Publicly financed private measures • 47 health care units • 8 ambulance stations Dental care • 20 public dental clinics and specialized dental care • Publicly financed private dental care for children
  5. 5. Population of Halland 2008-12-31 City 2008.12.31 Laholm 23 258 Halmstad 90 241 Hylte 10 273 Falkenberg 40 451 Varberg 56 673 Kungsbacka 72 676 Total 293 572
  6. 6. Some of our objectives • The healthcare and medical services shall strive to ensure good health and good quality health-care to every member of the population on equal terms. • The inhabitants shall be ensured of easy access to healthcare, medical and dental services throughout Halland. If there are waiting lists, established priorities shall be observed. • Healthcare and treatment guarantee.
  7. 7. Equality in Health Care Your right to healthcare is regulated in The Health and Medical Care Act. • The goal of the Health and Medical Services is to provide good quality healthcare on equal terms for everyone. • Healthcare shall maintain a high level of quality and be easily accessible. • Healthcare should be based upon respect for the patient´s right to selfdetermination and integrity. • Healthcare shall be administered in consultation with you, the patient, as far as possible. • Those with the greatest need of health and medical services shall be given priority to medical attention. (HsL 2§).
  8. 8. Freedom of choice (1:2) - the opportunity to choose healthcare troughout Sweden Freedom of choice in healthcare allows you to seek care at doctor´s offices or hospitals outside of the county. This applies to healthcare provided by the County Council and private healthcare centers that are financed by public funds.
  9. 9. Freedom of choice (2:2) • You can seek healthcare in Skåne, Västra Götaland, Blekinge, Kronoberg och Jönköpings counties on the same terms as those who reside there. • You can also seek care at any healthcare center, private doctor´s office (financed by public funds) or hospital throughout Sweden. Certain County Councils only accept patients from other counties when time and resources allow it. (In the case of more costly treatment, it must first be approved by the County Council Public Health Board´s office.) • For highly specialized treatment at a regional hospital or a university hospital, a referral from the treating doctor at a hospital in Halland is always required. • You pay for your own travel costs.
  10. 10. The Healthcare Guarantee (1:3) It is the ambition of the County Council to provide care as speedily as possible and has therefore decided to establish a Healthcare and Treatment Guarantee. The guarantee applies to healthcare provided by the County Council and private healthcare centers that are financed by public funds.
  11. 11. The Healthcare Guarantee (2:3) Contact with healthcare the same day • You will be able to have contact with healthcare 0 personnel the same day that you seek treatment, for example via the County Council´s Medical Care Telephone Help-line (Tel. 1177) or healthcare center. Appointments to healthcare centers or private doctor´s offices • You will be offered an appointment at a healthcare 7 center or a private generel practitioner within seven days. If your illness is deemed to be acute, you will receive an appointment the same day.
  12. 12. The Healthcare Guarantee (3:3) Appointments at a hospital or private specialist • 90 A doctor´s appointment will be offered within three months. If you suffer from anxiety attacks or if your doctor suspects a more serious illness, you will be offered an appointment within one month. Treatment at a hospital or by a private specialist • 90 If your doctor deems that you are in need of treatment or an operation, it will be offered to you within three months.
  13. 13. When the County Council cannot live up to the Healthcare Guarantee • Sometimes the County Council cannot provide healthcare within the time period stipulated by the Healthcare Guarantee. You then have the opportunity to seek treatment at another doctor´s office/hospital in Sweden. • In that case the County Council will pay for your treatment and travel costs. • You pay the patient´s fee as usual in accordance with the rules that apply where the treatment is given. • Should you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, contact the Healthcare Guarantee service ”Vårdgarantiservice” at Tel. 0771 – 900 600 or via e-mail
  14. 14. Dental care National Dental Service Dental care for children and young people is free of charge up until 19 years of age. Free dental care in Halland covers both the National Dental Service and private dentists, so children and young people are free to choose where they go for treatment. Specialist Dental Care Specialist dental care and hospital dental care operate in conjunction with hospitals and are supplementary to basic dental care because of their specialist nature.
  15. 15. Distribution of seat 2006–2010 2006–2010 Previous term Party: Socialdemokraterna 23 25 Moderaterna 20 14 Centern 9 9 Folkpartiet 6 8 Kristdemokraterna 5 6 Vänsterpartiet 3 4 Miljöpartiet 3 2 SPI 2 3 Total 71 71
  16. 16. County Council Tax 1995 - 2009 National average Halland 15,00 14,00 13,00 12,00 11,05 10,82 10,84 10,79 10,86 10,76 10,81 11,00 10,17 10,15 10,53 10,12 10,05 9,79 9,87 10,02 10,00 10,20 9,95 9,95 9,95 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,72 9,00 8,00 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
  17. 17. Halland County Council Organization
  18. 18. County Council Commissioners Mats Eriksson (m) Gun-Marie Lise-Lotte Olsson (s) Chairman Stenström (m) 2nd Vice Chairman County Council Board 1st Vice Chairman County Council Board County Council Board
  19. 19. 19