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The Week of Wicked Problems -kumppanin, Uuden Tehtaan Demolan esittelymateriaali.

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  1. 1. Winner 2010 The Best Summer Regional innovation award Job in Finland 2011Demola is an award-winning*ecosystem of creative actionfor students, companies and universities. .Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  2. 2. We run Demola here in Tampere, FinlandDemola is operated by Hermia Ltd.Hermia Ltd. is a leading Finnish innovation Demola facilitatorsagency in the fields of ICT and mechanicalengineering and a major networker in the Ville Kairamo Jarmo Tuominiemienergy industry. Head of Demola Runs Demola Academy +358 40 5667182 +358 40 8235392Demola @ New Factory Antti Salomaa Bernard Garvey Runs InnoSummer Runs internationalVäinö Linnan aukio 15, Tampere Finland +358 40 8235375 collaboration +358 40 8235376 Ville Luotonen Ida Rimpiläinen Facilitator Facilitator +358 44 5741937 +358 40 823 5396Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  3. 3. NEED & BACKGROUNDHow to innovate faster and facilitatemultidisciplinary development? Faster, better, cheaper, new ideas, out of the box thinking Powerpoint  Demo  Prototype  Market entryOperated by Hermia Ltd.
  4. 4. This is how Demola worksOperated by Hermia Ltd.
  5. 5. Making a Demo with You in 4 months Demola facilitator connects the talented and motivated people into a multidisciplinary team. STUDENT TEAM + YOUR YOUR 4 months DEMO CASE CASEYour input:1. Set a challenge Team works under facilitator2. Sign Demola project contract supervision in Demola3. Your feedback and meetings with the team premises. Operated by Hermia Ltd. .
  6. 6. Demola reaches students all year around Demola Academy Demola Trainee SPRING January - May Demola Academy Demola Trainee AUTUMNSeptember - January Demola Summer Operated by Hermia Ltd. May - August
  7. 7. Demola project modelsDemola Academy project • Most active and talented students. The project is a part of team member’s studies. • You evaluate project results and decide further development. Within 3 months after the project ends project partner can license the project results (typical license fee: 4-15k€). • Autumn 2012 projects will be published on 3rd of September DL for project proposals is 30.8. !Demola Trainee project • Talents are preselected based on their performance in previous Demola Academy projects. • Project partner owns the results. Monthly reward is paid to innovators. • Team sized, workload and costs can be tailored case by case.Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  8. 8. What’s in it for the stakeholders?Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  9. 9. Why project partners seeDemola as a valuable tool? 1 Boosting R&D process with demos They find Demola as a way to build sustainable 2 university-business collaboration 3 They use Demola for ecosystem engagementOperated by Hermia Ltd. 4 Attracting the best young talents
  10. 10. Boosting R&D process withdemosIf You need If You Need If You Neednew ideas? something to alternatives? show? When You don’t Compare technologies, know how to solve Turn your consepts solutions or concepts it or You need out- or slideware into with demos. of-the-box concrete demos. ”Second opinion” for solution. inhouse development.Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  11. 11. 90%Statistics after 200+ Demola projects:Are the demosand outcomesvaluable ? 93% 90% say YES and buy the license. 10% Only 10% say NO and didn’t buy the license. YES NOOperated by Hermia Ltd.
  12. 12. Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  13. 13. This is why Nokia loves Demola!In 1,5 years "What is special about Demola is the way of doing things: Let’s do it attitude without bureaucracy makes the atmosphere fruitful." - Jukka Saarinen, Research Fellow at NRC From 5 Universities and 9 18 105 Students involved different faculties 2 demola projects special campaigns Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  14. 14. Metso is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries. We have about 29,000 employees in more than 50 countries.For Metso Automation, Demolaplays valuable role in R&DIn 4 months the project team delivered a functionaldemo application, documentation of the concept anda lot of information on the applied technologies. “Demola projects are an interesting way to test new concepts, achieve experiences on the technologies and build a demo” - Mika Karaila Research Program Manager Metso Automation R&DOperated by Hermia Ltd.
  15. 15. Ovelin Ovelin develops a game called WildChords that combines addictive features of computer games with music exercises to get users hooked on practicing their guitars. Together with Suuntaamo of New Factory, Ovelin has conducted extensive user tests with very positive outcomes. The first commercial version of WildChords will be released in autumn 2011 on iPad, followed by other platforms. Ovelin has won several prices, among them “Best European Learning Game 2010” (LUDUS).
  16. 16. ”The most productive innovation platform in Europe” Annually in Demola Tampere 100 projects and 400 students 35 % international 95% of students students recommend Demola 3 universities and 12 75 % consider faculties entrepreneurship 15 % of students are headhunted New start-ups and co-founders Multidisciplinary, agile, community driven, global+local Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  17. 17. “To see others working in their project encourages me to work harder, and there was always someone here to help when I wanted to learn something new!” Operated by Hermia Ltd.
  18. 18. How to start co-operation withDemola? It’s easy: Let’s find the case After Your very first project Evaluate which roles are suitable for Your business Demola Demola as a Demola as an Demola as a as a R&D platform university ecosystem recruiting booster collaboration engager channelOperated by Hermia Ltd.
  19. 19. Thank You. Want to join Demola community? Jarmo Tuominiemi +358 40 8235392Operated by Hermia Ltd.