Help her grow


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Help her grow

  1. 1. HELP HER GROWKellogg’s Special K Cereal BarsDigital Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. Help Her Grow•Focus on guiding mothers to helptheir teenage daughters “grow”•Encourage teenage girls to be strong,confident individuals•Generate an audience-base of mothers, proud to have apositive role in daughters life • Through social media outlets • Vow to “help her grow” everyday•Positioning: Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Bars brand • Promoting overall wellness for teenage girls • Promoting healthy lifestyles and eating habits
  3. 3. Target Audience• Mothers of teenage girls• Demographic • Married • Having 1+ teenage daughters • Ages 25-49 • Middle-Upper class • Have at least 1 computer in their household • Have their own Facebook account • Are somewhat familiar with most popular social media sites • Use the internet 1-4 hours/day for leisure • Women considering themselves to be “good mothers” & who take an active role in their daughters lives
  4. 4. Goals/KPIs• Engage consumers in the “Help Her Grow” campaign• Increase brand and product awareness for Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Bars• KPIs • 1,000 likes on Facebook by Q2, 2013 • 350 pins on Pinterest by Q2, 2013 • 75 followers on our blog by Q2, 2013 • To Grow Special K Cereal Bar sales • 6% by Q2, 2013
  5. 5. The Big Idea• Satisfying a deep want from our target audience- for their teenage daughter to grow up healthy, confident, and strong• Why digital marketing? • It resonates with our target audience- moms
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Tools & Tactics• Facebook Page • Create interaction by encouraging moms to post pictures of themselves with their daughter • Post articles on teen confidence & successful parenting tips • Share Special K Cereal Bar nutritional facts • Suggest convenient times/places for a teenage girl to eat Special K bars • Post coupons and FSI’s• Blog • Articles, parenting tips, fun activities to do with your daughter • Blogger is a Kellogg’s employee, also a mom • (working mom + credible= winner) • We will link blogs from the Facebook and vice versa (we do not want to double• Pinterest • Healthy recipe ideas & examples of balanced meals incorporating bars
  8. 8. Budget• 10,000 • Dedicating a good portion of our budget to Google Adwords for advertising • Google AdSense for use on our blog • The short length of the campaign (duration of Q1) will not require a larger budget
  9. 9. Summary• Opportunity to leverage growing online-mom market• Engage moms in something fun & rewarding• Position Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Bars as a healthy food option for moms to purchase for their teen• A sure way to win brand loyalty through emotional connection of strengthening mother/daughter bond!