Ehab's c.v of may 2010 (2)


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Ehab's c.v of may 2010 (2)

  1. 1. Ehab EL Sayed EL Barbary May 01, 1974 Mobile No: 00971 567641018 E-Mail: Address : U.A.E – Abu-Dhabi-P.O Box 128881 E-Mail: OBJECTIVE Looking to join a progressive organization that has the need for Security Assistant Manager And offers Opportunities for advancement. CAREER EXPERIENCEShangri-la Hotel Qaryat Al-Beri, Abu-Dhabi, (U.A.E )*****30th August2011 to datePosition: Security Supervisor  Familiar with all security systems and equipments (e.g. Ving-card key system, panic alarms, Burglar alarms, lift operation and alarm, door alarms, fire alarm system, fire alarm Devices, fire equipments, CCTV system, etc.  Complimenting the hotels guest service efforts in delivering superior service to all hotel Guests, patrons, contractors and visitors.  Conducting investigations and preparing incident reports as required with all facts.  Being one of the emergency team members to handle serious incident or crisis.  Responding to the serious incident (e.g. earthquake, flooding, etc) even during off-duty period.  Attending to customers needs, i.e. carry guest luggage, answer guest inquires etc.  Reviewing security department daily occurrence log book and security files.  Making inspection and patrolling of the hotel building.  Checking always all security guards at their duty posts.  Coordinating with police authorities and concerned hotel Div/Dept. when needed.  Giving training to the other departments staff regarding security awareness and different emergency cases, e.g. bomb threat training, Evacuation training, Fire Fighting training, etc.  Attending all necessary meeting in the absence of the director of security.  Attending First Aid Training in order to qualify for a current first aid certificate.  Familiar with all different kinds of the fire and the different kinds of fire extinguishers.  Updating procedures and manuals according to any new requirements.  Conducting the monthly drills, i.e. medical emergency, drowning, etc.  Reporting to any appropriate department head, anything that may be considered a health Safety hazard.  Coordinating with FLSM & civil defence for the annual fire evacuation drills.  Carrying out the instructions regarding the safekeeping and movement of cash.  Supporting the rest of the security team when necessary.  Keeping all information relating to the department and department duties confidential.  Supervising and assessing contracted Security Company.  Developing and approving contingency plans for all areas of security.1
  2. 2. Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort &Spa Sultanate of Oman*****07th July to29thAugust2011 A luxurious three-hotel resort village, Comprising of 680 rooms, spread over three Hotels Al-Husn, Al-Bandar and Al-Waha with private beaches, 19 Food and beverage outlets, Chi Spa, Heritage Village and Extensive recreation facilities. Position: Security Supervisor  Supervise other Security Officers and conduct briefing for them.  Direct ‘Troublemakers’ out of the outlet and place on a black list that restricts them from Entering the outlet again.  Controlling the Ving-card PC & El-Safe PC.  Encourage junior staff to use the guiding principles in day to day operations.  Investigate & raise the reports with the details to management.  Monitor, maintain and enhance the officer’s performance standards (behaviours & operational).  Implements the hotel policy and procedures with the guests, staff and contractors.  Doing job tasks in ERT efficiently.  Immediate response to security & safety occurrences .  Generate monthly duty roster .  Familiarise with all emergency contingency plans, policy & procedures.  Aware of the VIP security, safety procedures and plans.  Conduct on the spot training / performance shortfall during shifts.  Monitor the hotel environment throughout the shift and identify any security or safety risk And reported to director of security.Events • Supervised & Participated in the Oman 2day award magazine party, special for his Excellency Mohamed Al Zubair the share holder of our Resort & legal mentor of Sultan Qaboos. • Experienced 15 days for needs of highness prince Sultan Al Saoud the Sport minister of KSA during the Gulf Cup April, 09. • Worked with VIPs like :- * Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Renault, France; President and Chief Executive Officer, Nissan, Japan. * Mr. Dick" Cheney, Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 under George W. Bush.Group Four Securitas Company, Dubai, UAE*****Jan, 03 to June, 06 Three & half years were spread in different popular hotels and malls which were “SheratonHotel Jumairah, Oasis mall, Markato mall, the mall of Emirates and Shangri-La hotel Dubai. Position :Security guard & CC TV Controller .  Taking responsibilities in case of emergency situations.  Controlling & monitoring access to the resort premises.  Write security daily occurrence in the log book.  Making play back to get the record of any occurred incident to find the suspect.  Controlling the traffic flow.  Regular patrolling and making sure that all the exit routes are clear.  Check the property on a daily basis for any damage or any incidents.  Assist the guest and follow up that they are satisfied.2
  3. 3. Events • Supervised & Hosted VIP’s of George Clone, Matt Demon & Enrick Iglesias Dubai2005.A Three & half years were spread in different popular hotels and malls which were “SheratonHotel Jumairah, Oasis mall, Markato mall, the mall of Emirates and Shangri-La hotel Dubai.l Baron Hotel Sharm El sheikh, Egypt *****March 2001 to Oct 2002 Position: Outlet Cashier Reporting to FinanceEgyptian Army service*****July1997 to July 2000First lieutenant (military service) EDUCATION • Bachelor 1993 to 1997 Mansura university for Commerce.**** (Dakahlia Gov). CAREER SERTIFICATES: • Shangri-la care training program • Silver Star Member in Shangri-La Customer Delight for : Program 09. **Taking Ownership. **Shangri-la Hospitality from caring people. **Delighting the Customers. **Recovery & Handle Guest Complain. • First Aid training of Safety Technical Services CO.LTD. • Fire Evacuation Drill & Bomb threat in Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa Sultanate Of Oman. • Fire fighting by civil defence Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa Sultanate of Oman. • Lift Rescue & monitoring by Kone & Mitsubishi Companies. • Ving card door lock & El safe Systems in Muscat by Leisure secure L.L.C Dubai . • CCTV, Fire panel system. • Guard tour {Patrol system}. • Lotus notes, security management {American organization}. • Bennalla system Guest Management System {bena GMS}.3
  4. 4. PERSONAL DATA: • Nationality : Egyptian • Gender : Male • Air Passport No : 2308195 • Height : 177 cm • Weight : 79 kg • Languages : **Arabic is Mother Tongue, ** English spoken & written, CAREER SKILLS:I .T: • Microsoft Office software & the Internet. • MS Word, Excel, Access, Power Point.Personal: • Creativity & Communications Skills. • Investigation Procedure . • Customer service and orientation. • Initiative, self starter and commitment to achieve. • Problem solving and decision making. • Organising for results.Writing: • Letters, * Memos & * Reports - Expert. REFERENCES: Available upon request4