Building evac flow chart


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Building evac flow chart

  1. 1. Emergencies Requiring/May Result in a Building Evacuation Fire Earthquake Terrorist Event Hazmat Spill (Bomb threat, explosion, etc.) Duck & cover. After shaking stops, exit building. Do not Life Threatening Alarm activate the fire alarm Explosion Bomb Threat Pull StationActivated Activated Yes No Call 997 if immediate rescue or medical assistance is required Evacuate the spill Evacuate Building site. Warn others to stay away 997 Take cover, then exit Do not handle or touch Call 999automatically notified. Call building if directed by object. Move to a safe with specific info (exact Emergency Response area. Do not activatelocation, type of incident) if Team. Do not activate the fire alarm If safe, stop the spill it can be done safely the fire alarm Call 999. Evacuate Call 999. Cordon Call 997 the building if directed off the area. Call by the Emergency Waste Management Response Team SLAD 19022007.
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  3. 3. Chemical Safety JSAChemicals are common in all workplaces. Properly utilized, theyare great tools in the performance of our jobs. Improperly used,they can cause serious injuries. Some guidelines include:•You have a right to know about every chemical you use.•Know where your Checklist Book is located!•Study the Checklist, before you use any chemical for thefirst time!•Follow label and instructions exactly.•Do not use anything for which you have not received proper training.•Use any Personal Protective Equipment, as per the•Never Mix .instructions chemicals, for any reason.•Always ensure that you are aware of what you are using. Check the label each time youpick up a chemical!•If it has no label, or an improper label, destroyit!
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