Social Media’s Role


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Final project for JMA 240

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Social Media’s Role

  1. 1. Social Media’s Role inEvents of TragedyFinal ProjectMedia & Society: JMA 240April 23, 2013
  2. 2. Social Media’s Progress Over theYearsTerrorist Attacks September 11, 2001:During the 9/11 terrorist attacks almost no form of socialmedia was available. Information was given via phones andthrough the news. Not everyone owned a cellphone backthen making it harder to communicate.Hurricane Katrina August 23-30 2005:Social media and technology were up and coming aroundthe time Hurricane Katrina. MySpace was one of the onlyforms of social media. Had social media become asdeveloped as it is today, there could have been a muchdifferent outcome for the victims in New Orleans.
  3. 3. Social Media’s Progress Over theYearsThen NowSince events like 9/11 and Seton Hill University’sHurricane Katrina, social Womens Lacrosse team wasmedia has become a source traveling to their gameto turn to for information. Saturday morning on March 16th when their bus veeredSites like Facebook and off the Pennsylvania TurnpikeTwitter allow society to be killing head coach Kristinainformed about events that Quigley, her unborn baby andare happening. Social media the bus driver. Support fromsites also can become an all over the country began toamazing support system. pour in through social media sites. A Facebook groupTake the tragic accident that called “Play 4 Seton Hill” washappen this past March… created.
  4. 4. Boston Marathon Seton Hill Bombings: University: technology Hurricane Facebook and social Sandy: group media led Hurricane social created to to the Katrina: media show9/11: no discovery of some social allowed support forform of the media, but people to the SHUWsocial suspects not contact LAX teammedia effective family and friends, raise awareness
  5. 5. An Instagrampage was alsocreated to showtribute to the SHULAX team usinghashtags#play4setonhilland #onelaxfamily
  6. 6. Biff Rendar is a local photographer from Greensburg,he shot this picture with the SHU team and CoachQuigley in mind.
  7. 7. With the help of social media and onlinetributes, a scholarship fund was started forCoach Quigley’s son on the siteGoFundMe.comOver $70,000 has been raised
  8. 8. Could social media have changed theway we experienced 9/11 andHurricane Katrina?
  9. 9. image source: all 9/11 photos are from the
  10. 10. image source:, all FEMA images are in the public domain
  11. 11. The recent events ofHurricane Sandy and theBoston Marathonbombings have alsosparked social mediaattention
  12. 12. Stars from the MTV show Jersey Shore and othercelebrities participated in the Restore the Shore fundraiser to help giveback to those affected by the Hurricane and usedsocial media to help raise awareness for the cause
  13. 13. image source:
  14. 14. image source: public domain,
  15. 15. Social media and technology played a large role in the recent eventsthat occurred this past week in the Boston Marathon bombings. image source: AP,
  16. 16. Cellphone usage of video and pictures being taken at the marathon led to thecapture and death of the two suspected for the attacks less than a week later. image source: public domain, FBI
  17. 17. Social media’s role haschanged dramaticallysince the days of 9/11and Hurricane Katrina.
  18. 18. We now are able tocreate support, raiseawareness and help findwanted criminals withthe help of social media.