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Blug connections

  1. 1. Lotus Connections new features and configuration tips
  2. 2. OverviewWhats new: FeaturesWhats new: AdministrationInstall tipsConfiguration tipsFutureReporting Tool for Lotus Connections
  3. 3. Whats new: Getting Started pageDetailed step by step introduction to Lotus Connections capabilitiesFully customizableShown by default for new users
  4. 4. Whats new: New ForumsStand alone ForumsMulti-forums in a communityTag, search, MyAttachment, Following,Q & A features
  5. 5. Whats new: SubCommunitiesCreate child communities to branch off sub topicEqual or more restrictive privacyOnly community members can joinCan delegate ownership to other members.
  6. 6. Whats new: Mobile Enhancement Communities, Bookmarks, Files, Wikis, Forums – new Mobile services More devices Android Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Nokia S60 devices
  7. 7. Whats new: Social AnalyticsPeople, Community and Content recommendationsThings in commonWho connects us
  8. 8. Whats new: User LifecycleCustom profile type for inactive usersAutomate user lifecycle handling via TDI synchronizationHide inactive users from search and add member dialogsInactive users marked throughout UX
  9. 9. Whats new: Following & email digestIncludes option to receive notifications aggregated into digestCentral preferences for how to get notified about different types of contentAbility to follow different types of content like Blogs and Communities
  10. 10. Whats new: SharepointNew widget available for LotusConnections CommunitiesAccess to Sharepoint filesOpen and Add files to Sharepointfrom a communityFree download from the SolutionsCatalog
  11. 11. Whats new: WebSphere PortalNew Profiles and tag cloud portletfor WebSphere PortalBrowse and search your NetworkView and make Status UpdatesActivities, Blogs, Bookmarksportlets also updated for WSPortal V7Free download from the SolutionsCatalog -
  12. 12. OverviewWhats new: FeaturesWhats new: AdministrationInstall tipsConfiguration tipsFutureReporting Tool for Lotus Connections
  13. 13. Whats new: new installerLotus Connections 3.0 installer is based on the newest install technology– IBM Rational Install Manager (RIM)Connections 2.5 was based onInstall ShieldThe RIM installer has a more flexible GUIIntegrate install/uninstall/upgrade/modify into 1 GUI
  14. 14. Whats new: new installerSupports Network Deployments of WAS only No more Stand-alone deploymentCan install multiple nodes at the same time Directly on Deployment manager and Managed nodes instead of unmanaged nodes (2.5)Faster, less post install stepsUpgrades from 2.5 possibleNew database wizard, allows you to look into the detailed commandsPopulation wizard uses TDI 7
  15. 15. Whats new: new metrics pageMetrics are enabled for all users withthe metrics-reader role. By default all users have this role Administrators can restrict thishttp://<>/activities/service/html/servermetricsYou can export these to csv throughwsadmin commands
  16. 16. Whats new: Enable/disable Social Analytics Social Analytics features Do You Know (Profiles) Recommendations (Communities) Recommendations (Home page) Who Connects Us? (Profiles) Things in Common Controlled by LotusConnections-config.xml‘ By default its enabled after installation To disable, run wsadmin commands
  17. 17. Whats new:Content Moderation AdministrationContent Moderation Blogs, Forums, Community FilesModeration scenarios Content Approval (pre-moderation) Review before new content gets published Flag inappropriate content (post-moderation) Report inappropriate published content Reviewers evaluate and take actions (ignore, quarantaine, delete)
  18. 18. Whats new: Disable a Connections ServiceTo disable a service2 steps required Change user role mapping in WebSphere console for person and reader role to none Run wsadmin command
  19. 19. Whats new: Remove sections from help systemAll help information is in 1 system, even if you don’t install all features ofLotus ConnectionsYou can remove sections using a wsadmin command. You can only remove complete feature parts
  20. 20. Whats new: Manage Communities membership Add people to a community Before 3.0 the community owner could just add someone to a community without consent You can disable this and only leave the invite option available. You also have the option to disable both.
  21. 21. Whats new: CustomizationNew Customization processNew variable: CONNECTIONS_CUSTOMIZATION_PATHCustomization files added in same file structure as applicationCustomization files will override the default files
  22. 22. OverviewWhats new: FeaturesWhats new: AdministrationInstall tipsConfiguration tipsFutureReporting Tool for Lotus Connections
  23. 23. Install tipsInstalling Connections 3.0 is easier then 2.5Installing Domino is still easierRTFM!!! (like we always do for all products, but this time it is serious)Read it again The order of installation is important, the documentation is not always structured that wayGet your System requirements right All fixes and fix packs are required. If installing on Linux, install the required libraries
  24. 24. Install tipsInstall time is greatly influenced by the speed of your disks (VmWare)Use the planning worksheet from the wikiMake sure you use a time server on all serverMake life easy if you need to move physical servers or domains later: Always use short names for servers/hostnames Always use logical names not physical/virtual machine names Even on simple one/two server installs, add aliases to hosts file(s) or dns entries
  25. 25. Install tips: ArchitectureScaling up is easier than scaling downGet your naming conventions up frontThink very well about the server / cluster ratio 12 features 12 WAS servers (jvms) is often too much 12 features 1 WAS server is often not enough3 to 6 servers works bestExample model: InfraCluster Homepage, News, Search and mobile FiWiDoBloCluster Files, Wikis, Dogear and Blogs ProComFoActCluster Profiles, Communities, Forums and Activities
  26. 26. Install tips: Focus on profilesPlan this completelyInvolve all relevant people from the start HR, Marketing, Reception, (and IT)Start with pilot groupsIf Profiles work fine, Lotus Connections deployment will have a higher rateof adoptionPre-Populate user photo’sIntegrate Sametime awarenessUse the business cards from Connections in other places
  27. 27. Install tips: SametimeYou can integrate Lotus Sametime into Lotus ConnectionsTurn of “case sensitivity”You need to have Sametime connect on the desktop, dll’s are used byLotus Connections
  28. 28. Install tips: Cheat sheetConfiguring Lotus Connections is done using wsadmin. Use a cheat sheetwith all commands../ -lang jython -user wasadmin -password xxxxxx -port 8879execfile("")execfile("")LCConfigService.checkOutConfig("/data/config","DemoCell01")LCConfigService.checkInConfig()ActivitiesConfigService.checkOutConfig("/data/config","DemoCell01")ActivitiesConfigService.checkInConfig()
  29. 29. Install tips: FixesYou should keep your environment patched up Watch out for dependenciesInstalling fixes can take foreverCan be installed using GUI or command line
  30. 30. Install tips: Auto RestartIn Windows this is obvious, on linux/AIX it is less commonThe order is important Database system Http server Deployment Manager Node(s) Application servers
  31. 31. OverviewWhats new: FeaturesWhats new: AdministrationInstall tipsConfiguration tipsFutureReporting Tool for Lotus Connections
  32. 32. Configuration 3 interfaces: wsadmin, User interface, WebSphere Consolewsadmin (command line interface) + XML configuration files--------------------------------------------------- Lotus ConnectionsCommunication settings, Notifications configuration, user interfaceLanguage selector, Metrics & statistics, ------------------------Scheduled tasks, Life-cycle events Blogs, HomepageUser management---------------------------------------------------Configuration & administration for- Activities, Bookmarks, Communities, Files- Forums, Profiles, Wikis, Search & NewsWebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console------------------------WAS services and processes, Access control, Node synchronization,Data sources, Security,JVM settings, SMTP, IBM HTTP Server, ...
  33. 33. Configuration: User interfaceBlogs Configuration parameters Moderation Approval for entries and comments Flagged entries and comments
  34. 34. Configuration: User interfaceBlogs Configuration parameters for other users blogs Cache control
  35. 35. Configuration: User interfaceHome Page Widgets Administration
  36. 36. Configuration:wsadminUsed to Change configuration settings Perform administrative tasksBackground Standard WebSphere Application Server command line interface Uses Jython scriptsUsage Case-sensitive
  37. 37. Configuration: XML RepositoryUsed for configuration of Lotus Connections general Lotus Connections featuresWhy Check-out / Check-in You should not change the files @ runtime Check-in uses syntax checkingFlow Check-out XML file on Deployment Manager Edit file Check-in Sync changed file to other nodes Restart applications
  38. 38. Configuration: WebSphere Console Configuration of WAS services and processes Security JVM settings (heap size) Virtual hosts SMTP Management of WAS processes and related servers Start & stop of servers and clusters Node synchronisation Management of IBM HTTP server Lotus Connections specific aspects Access control Data sources
  39. 39. OverviewWhats new: FeaturesWhats new: AdministrationInstall tipsConfiguration tipsFutureReporting Tool for Lotus Connections
  40. 40. FutureLotus Connections 3.0.1, expected H1 2011 (no official release date)Video and photo sharing Media gallery widget for your communitiesIdeablogs Idea generation Voting Push to activities
  41. 41. FutureOutlook social connector Profiles network locally synchronized as contacts Profile photos and meta data Add to network from message Menu in Outlook ribbonFiles plugin for Lotus Notes Access LC files from Lotus Notes Sidebar Drag and drop from desktop to files Search for files and people and download,
  42. 42. FutureECM capabilities Custom library widget, looks like files but integrates with ECM softwares like Filenet No details on list of Ecm products
  43. 43. Future Lotus Connections Next +, expected Q4 2011 (no official releasedate) Social Platform Evolution Support IBM Vulcan with new services and deeper cross platform integration Better mobile experience Integrate 3d party through open standards Enhanced Communities for Teams New productivity functions to communities, for example collaborate with GROUPS!!!! Calendar widget for events in Communities with many capabilities Community calendar can be viewed as Iocal feeds from other personal calendars like Notes
  44. 44. FutureBusiness to Consumer Reports/dashboard to monitor adoption and community vitality Many metrics Custom reportsMicro blogging Enhancement Add images to your status updates with preview capability Both like and recommend Search micro blogging entries by tags or full text Expanded social analytics Most active members widget
  45. 45. OverviewWhats new: FeaturesWhats new: AdministrationInstall tipsConfiguration tipsFutureReporting Tool for Lotus Connections
  46. 46. Reporting Tool for ConnectionsTrend & Snapshot Reporting 30+ Bar, Line, Tabular reports across all Connections features.Easy Export Export data to 3rd party reporting solutionsMeasurement Consulting ISSL assistance to develop your measurement framework using Reporting Tool metrics and other measurement sources.
  47. 47. Reporting Tool for Connections
  48. 48. Reporting Tool for Connections
  49. 49. LinksPlanning worksheet Lotus Connections Connections Solution catalog