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Chocolate advert media final


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Published in: Education
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Chocolate advert media final

  1. 1. Kialli, Maile and Seema
  2. 2. Name  Venus – Links to target audience, women. Chocolate Rose – French accent , adds romance Innocent Temptation
  3. 3. Slogan  Same woman’s voice each time different set up for each advertisment “It only takes one bite…” “Break off a piece” “For the rainy days” “Give into the temptation”
  4. 4. Audience  Chocolate lovers Particularly women Indulgent
  5. 5. Advert one 
  6. 6. Content  Targeted at the working woman. Comes home from work, sits of sofa relaxing , reading a magazine. Attractive muscular man walks in with chocolate on a cushion Hands chocolate to women Women tastes chocolate, cheesy music and wind
  7. 7. Generic Features   MUSIC SLOGAN  Classical “Break off a piece” “It only takes one bite…”  Smooth  Relaxing  Relates to theme of add
  8. 8. Radio Advert  Starts with loud busy noise, to alert attention Womans voice… “rough day??? I know exactly what you need… the new chocolate (place name here) is the perfect thing to make your days brighter , available at all convenience stores.” Music starts, same music piece as television advertisements Name of chocolate Slogan (in flirty womans voice)
  9. 9. Advert 2  Appeals to social women Bunch of friends meet for lunch. All speaking loudly over each other One pulls chocolate bar out of bag and breaks of a piece Music suddenly stops all the friends look at the woman Cuts to poster page with chocolate bar on it Goes back to women all eating the bar (with same instrumental) and voice over of the slogan.
  10. 10. Sponsorship  Desperate housewives Targets stressed out mothers. Few seconds of a busy stressed mum shuts the door and stands behind it stressed she sees the chocolate bar and smiles and eats it. Same music and slogan