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Manchester Sheriff fails to do his job! Kentucky Equality Federation public advocate Jordan Palmer. Joshua Melton v Esther Thompson.

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  1. 1. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY COURT OF JUSTICE CASE NO. 16-S-00013 DISTRICT SMALL CLAIMS CLAY COUNTY DISTRICT COURT JOSHUA MELTON, Individually JAMES RAYMOND FELTNER Spouse DEFENDANTS, v. ESTHER THOMPSON Individually PLAINTIFF. REQUEST FOR CONTINUENCE Comes Defendants Joshua Melton and James Feltner to move this honorable court for a continuance on the above-entitled and numbered case, set for August 24, 2016. Recently the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. assigned a person to further investigate the case and the underling public corruption, abuse of power, a possible hate crime, assistance of an illegal eviction by a sworn law enforcement officer(s), and violating the public’s trust, at the request of the Kentucky Equality Federation, a Kentucky non-government organization (NGO) by way of The Honorable Jordan Palmer, the secretary-general of the NGO and the NGO’s Alliances. With this in-mind, in addition to multiple complaining witnesses who have come forward to add testimony against the Plaintiff, the legal department of the Kentucky Equality Federation, representing the Defendants, needs additional time to prepare. Additionally, the Kentucky Equality Federation as our advocate moves for a continuance since the person we have been working with cannot be here today due to the death of a family member, Elijah Bowling.
  2. 2. Defendants also wish to add the attached eyewitness testimony for this honorable court to consider related to the illegal eviction and the court will need time to read said statements. All things considered, we move this honorable court reschedule for a date of no less than thirty (30) days with Defendants reserving the right to demand a jury trial. Defendant requests this be set for a hearing on ________________________________. Respectfully submitted: JOSHUA MELTON 108 T Street Manchester, KY 40962 PH: (606) 813-6913 ___________________________________ Joshua Melton, Defendant, Defendant JAMES RAYMOND FELTNER 108 T Street Manchester, KY 40962 PH: (606) 813-6913 ___________________________________ James Raymond Feltner, Defendant cc: Kentucky Equality Federation Honorable Jordan Palmer c/o: Russell Hord, Special Advisor PO Box 1896 Richmond, KY 40476 PH: (859) 408-6169