No-ra - no racism on the internet


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Presentation of a project conducted by Save the Children Finland.
Main goals of the project:
Increase awareness of racism and anti-racism
Improve equality and remove prejudice
Get anti-racism as a natural part of youth work
Find tools to support and counsel youth
who has experienced racism

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No-ra - no racism on the internet

  1. 1. Racism onlineWorkshop 5: How to react to Hate speechonline?Satu Kanninen, MA Human RightsProject CoordinatorSave the Children3.11.2011
  2. 2. CONTENT No Racism (NoRa) –project Racism online Anti-racism attitude online
  3. 3. No Racism (NoRa) Co-operation project: Save the Children Finland and Helsinki Youth Department Launched in 2009 to develop anti-racism work online Funded by Ministry of Education and Culture
  4. 4. PROJECT GOALS Increase awareness of racism and anti-racism Improve equality and remove prejudice Get anti-racism as a natural part of youth work Find tools to support and counsel youth who has experienced racismOBJECTIVES Produce material (toolkit) Education and training Research Advocacy work Campaigning Online discussions
  6. 6. SYMBOLIC RACISM• Pictures• Symbols• Societies
  7. 7. SYMBOLIC RACISM• Numerology• Combination of letters
  8. 8. EVERYDAY RACISMProfiles, status updates, blogs, groups•
  9. 9. EVERYDAY RACISM “but then theres some racist jokes, you know... hmm, here it is practised a lot.. Usually I try to keep my head off, but sometimes someone invents smthng so crazy so that you have to laugh. but most of the times racist jokes are quite awful ... “
  10. 10. GENERALISATIONS “Im not a racist at all.. I have few mates who is dark skinned and very nice:) but I do not understand immigrants and others because they take jobs from us and they will come to Finland just because they know they‟ll get all the help and more. Also my mom is unemployed at the moment.” –IRC-Galleria
  11. 11. EXPERIENCES “Pretty basic stuff that some guys yells „hey there goes the night roofs black nigger‟, etc., and then there are other situations eg elderly people keeps distance to me and at the bus no one will sit next to me, even tho the bus is full.” - Habbo-hotel
  12. 12. ANTI-RACISM "Racism is ... is one of the things that I‟m opposed to the bottom of my heart, don‟t people have their right to be what they want (...)? I really don‟t understand Racists. Peace & Amen! “ –
  13. 13. Anti-racism attitude online speaking of problems with their real nameshistorical, political and socialawareness reviewing own attitudes STARTING POINT Anti-racism culture/pattern The idea of multiculturalism
  14. 14. Anti-racism attitude online giving facts recognise the forms of racism humour allowed diversed anti- racism IN PRACTISE active and systematic interference should not be afraid of dialogue conflicts
  15. 15. Thank you!