The “Botkyrkamodellen” and the role of the democracy official


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Botkyrka municipality inclusion programme:
“The “Botkyrkamodellen” and the role of the democracy official”, Bengt Eliasson, Lead developer and Ahmad Azizi, Democracy developer, Botkyrka, Sweden

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The “Botkyrkamodellen” and the role of the democracy official

  1. 1. Presentation – iiep workshop 2011-11-02Bengt Eliasson
  2. 2. Botkyrka a part of Stockholm
  3. 3. Greater Stockholm Excellent communications, 30 minutes to the centre of Stockholm by commuter train or subway
  4. 4. Municipal assembly committees departments election Area development groups children/young, environment Departments + local actors health, security Dialog Cooperation local politicians dialogLocal organised Dialogforumpolitics Citizens Social economy users – NGO
  5. 5. 2004 Guidelines for dialog from the executive committee2007 Handbook for dialog – part 1 with 7 steps for planning a dialog- Who should participate- Who sets the agenda- The context- What kind of influence is possible- The rolls of the participants- Representation- Documentation and feedback
  6. 6. Handbook for dialog - part 2; how to do it- Invitation- Find the right form and method- Practical things- Documentation and feedback
  7. 7. Dialog between users and municipal officials The political leadership have a high ambition to reach groups that normally does not participate in the democratic process Wide range of topics and context; from physical planning to elderly care units Wide range of methods; from focus groups to surveys
  8. 8. 8. Citizen control Level of influence 7. Delegated power 6. Partnership 5. Placation 4. Consultation 3. Informing 2. Therapy 1. Manipulation Source: Sherry Arnstein (2003: 247).
  9. 9. The municipal assembly has ratified principles for agreements with the social economy/NGO/non profit operations- They recognise the autonomy of the sector and its important roll in the civil society and democracy.- We try to develop a handbook for cooperation with this heterogeneous sector- The goal is to ensure development both in idea based associations and in non profit enterprises
  10. 10. National minoritiesSweden has recognised 5 national minoritiesWe have worked together with the finish group for some years in a consultation group with some delegated powerWe have just made contact with a roma group to try to establish a similar working mode