Democracy and citizens participation - a priority in Botkyrka


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Democracy and citizens participation - a priority in Botkyrka

  1. 1. Presentation – IIeP workshop 2011-11-02 Democracy and citizens participation - a priority in BotkyrkaAhmad AziziDemocracy Development ManagerChief Executive`s DepartmentBotkyrka municipalityTel: 08-530 614 36SMS: 070 733 80 78
  2. 2. BotkyrkaPopulation: 84.000 residentsOne of Sweden`s youngestpopulation – middle age 36,9 yearSweden`s most internationalMunicipality –Cosmopolitan- population –half of the residents have a non-SwedishbackgroundSix parts of the municipality - Alby, Fittja,Hallunda/Norsborg in north, Tullinge,Tumba, Vårsta/Grödinge in south.
  3. 3. Dialogforum Personalutskott Municipality Council Revisorer Arbete- och närings- livsberedningen Municipality Executive Chief Executives Demokratiberedning Department (preparation) Service Department Klimat & Planerings- beredningArbetsmarknad och Arbetsmarknad och Vård- och omsorgs- Vård- och omsorgs-Vuxenutb Department. vuxenutbildnngs board board DepartementUtbildnings Department Utbildnings board Kultur- och fritids- Kultur- och fritids- board Department Samhällsbyggnads board Social board Social DepartmentSamhällsbyggnads- Teknisk boardDepartment Miljö- och hälso- Elections board Chief Executives Skydds board Department
  4. 4. Distribution of seats 2011-201461 seats in the MunicipalCouncilThe Social Democrats 24The Left Party 4The Green Party 4The Conservative Party 13The Liberal Party 3The Christian Democrats 2Botkyrkaparty 2Tullingeparty 6Sweden democrats 3
  5. 5. The aim of developing democracy and participation:• to make politics more interesting and vibrant for the citizens• to stimulate the democratic dialogue.• to make it more easy for all groups in society to use theirdemocratic right to influence the development.• to support those already engaged, and create newpossibilities for those who are not represented.
  6. 6. Challenges• The Citizens ability to participate in the democraticprocess is depending of the development in society.• Less and less Citizens are active inpolitics/democracy/political parties.•The possibilities and prerequisites for the citizens topractice ones democratic rights are not equal.
  7. 7. Possibilities for local democracy? •The representative democracy: -Support to politicians - Increase the number of voters
  8. 8. Participation in elections in Botkyrka Parliament election 2010 Eligable votes Number of Participation +/- votes % Botkyrka 52 962 41 737 78,81 2,7 N. Botkyrka 23 004 16 291 70,82 2,3 S. Botkyrka 29 958 25 446 84,92 2,8Local election 2010 Eligable Actual votes participation Dif. -/+ % Botkyrka 60 003 43 680 72,8 1.8 N. Botkyrka 27 725 17 626 63,6 1,0 S. Botkyrka 32 278 26 054 80,7 2,3
  9. 9. Campaign for the election 2010Means: -General information about the election -Social media: -Direct communication -Campaigns in collaboration with the citizens -Activities in schools -Special efforts on special groups like first time voters -Using of divers language -Society informants Purpose: -Strengthen the participation of the citizens and ability to influence the democratic process and increase the number of votes.
  10. 10. Samhällsinformatör (society informants) as a support in the municipal efforts for an increased participation in the elections.1. Support communication between the municipal organizationand the citizens.2. Discussion with the citizens about the importance to give yourvote.3. Engage associations and schools in joint activities with themunicipality.
  11. 11. Possibilities to influence the local democracyParticipatory democracy?• Submit Citizen proposals- Every citizen has the right to make suggestions to Municipality Council• Youth Council-- Represents from intermediate school, high school, and another young 12-22 years.• Dialogue Forum- Forum for meeting between citizens and politicians- Officers role: the professionally and the practically support to politicians• Citizens Panel- an internet-based panel• Research circles - Citizens, researcher, politicians and officers• Digidel campaign - A campaign for those who do not use computer/internet