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  1. 1. PRIVATE MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS ASSOCIATION OF SELANGOR AND KUALA LUMPUR ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012The Committee has great pleasure in presenting the Annual Report for 2011/2012.51ST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGThe 51st Annual General Meeting was held on 30th April 2011 at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur. Itwas attended by 20 members.MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2011/2012The following are the office bearers for 2011/2012President Dr Kong Chiew MengPresident-Elect Dr Chang Keng WeeImmediate Past President Dr Michael Tan Pak HockHonorary Secretary Dr Gong Swee KimHonorary Treasurer Dr Wong Ket KeongCommittee Members Dr Goh Kay Chee Dr Ho Shu Nam Dr Lee Kam Pong Dr G Shanmuganathan Dr Shong Chin Min Dr Wu Chin FoongCoopted Committee Members Dr Steven Chow Dr Milton Lum Dr Ng Kwee Boon Dr John TanDato’ Dr Lee Hoo Teong and Dr Amarjit Singh were elected as Hon Auditors.MEMBERSHIPThe membership has increased from 848 to 866 members as on 31st March 2012.ACTIVITIESAnnual Scientific Meeting 201130th April to 1st May 2011, The Saujana, Kuala LumpurThe Annual Scientific Meeting was held 30th April to 1st May 2011 at The Saujana, KualaLumpur. A total of 220 delegates attended the Meeting. The meeting started off with fourworkshops on 30th April 2011 on: • Total Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes • Pantai Hospital Drs’ Association GP Forum • GP Cardiology Forum • GP Clinical Practice ForumA Methadone Pharmacotherapy/NDST Training Course as held concurrently with the workshops.The FPMPAM took the opportunity to hold a Strategic Action Plan Workshop in the afternoon.A session on Skin Care Through the Ages – Taking Care of your Skin and Hair was also held forthe accompanying persons. 1
  2. 2. The Annual Dinner was held in the evening with the theme “Hair Styles & Statements”. P & GBeauty provided a subsidy for the event.On 1st May 2012, there were three plenary sessions on • Issues in Male Health • Psoriasis and Eczema in General Practice • Expanding Therapeutic Options in your ClinicThere were two symposium sessions on: • Clinics in Acne & Scar Management • The HPV ClinicThere was a closing session on Private Practice Workshop: “Reinventing Private Practice – Whatis Relevant?”There was good support from the pharmaceutical industry. The lunch satellite symposia on bothdays were taken up and 15 companies participated in the trade exhibition.PMPASKL Golf TournamentThe PMPASKL Golf Tournament was held on 4th December 2011 at the Kelab GolfPerkhidmatan Awan, Kuala Lumpur. 21 golfers participated in tournament which unfortunatelyhad to be stopped half way because of weather condition. A replay was held on 15th January 2012at the Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam and 17 golfers participated in this match.11th Weekend Seminar Series in Cardiology Medicine 201218th & 19th February 2012, Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala LumpurThe 11th Weekend Seminar Series in Cardiology Medicine 2012 was held 18th & 19th February2012 at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. It started at a satellite lunchsymposium on 18th February 2012 followed by a welcome message from Dr Kong Chiew Meng,PMPASKL President. Two symposia were held on that day: • CAD – What should the GP know” • Management of Diabetes Mellitus in the ClinicOn the second day, 19th February 2012, two symposia were held: • Management of Hypertension • A Symposium on the J-Curve PhenomenaThis was followed by a lunch satellite symposium and the closing of the event.PMPASKL Family DayThe PMPASKL held a Family Day on 13th August 2011 with an outing to Pulau Ketam, Klang,Selangor. Members and their families (total of 66 persons) participated in this event. Theprogramme included a tour to the Hoe Pharma factory which sponsored the event. Al theparticipants enjoyed themselves immensely especially the seafood dinner.PMPASKL Fellowship NightThe PMPASKL and HSBC Investment jointly held a Fellowship Night on 19th November 2011 atthe HSBC premises in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. The objective was to introduce to memberssome of the financial instruments available. It was attended by 33 members.ICare Public Forum 2
  3. 3. Both the PMPASKL and the FPMPAM were concerned on the recent discussions regarding theICare transformation. Both the organisations supported a 1Care Forum organised by the CitizenSupport groups to make the public aware of ICare and the need for transparency of the proposedchanges in the Malaysian healthcare delivery and financing. It was held on 12th February 2012 atthe Sunflower Room, Global Business & Convention Centre, Petaling Jaya and attended by morethan 500 persons.Meeting with the Ministry of Health MalaysiaThe PMPASKL together with the FPMPAM held several meetings with the Ministry of Healthofficers on issues faced by doctors in the private sector and the Fee Schedule for GPs andspecialists. The last meeting was held on Monday, 26th March 2012 at 5.30 pm in the Ministry’spremises in Putrajaya on the invitation of Ministry of Health. The objective of this meeting was toexplain and exchange views on the 1Care programme. This was attended by Director-General ofHealth together with his team. The Ministry promised to engage the FPMPAM together with thePMPASKL in future discussions on 1Care. The PMPASKL together other state societiesparticipated in the meetings of several Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to help Ministry towork out the the details of their proposed 1Care programme.InvitationsThe President represented the PMPASKL at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th Liver Update heldat Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa on 14th July 2011 at 9.00 am. This event was organised by theMalaysian Liver Foundation and the Ministry of Health.The President represented PMPASKL at "Majlis Pelancaran Sambutan Hari Khas KesihatanSedunia 2011" held on 28th September 2011 at Dewan Serbaguna, Pejabat Daerah/Tanah Klang.This event is organised by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor, Shah Alam. This was followed by"Seminar Perangi Kerintangan Ubat-Ubatan Anti Mikrob".TalksNo Date Topic Venue Company 1) New IDF Guidelines: Evidence Based Hilton Kuala Servier Medicine Made Practical by Prof Stephen Lumpur (Malaysia) Sdn1. 21st April 2012 Colagiuri, Australia Bhd 2) ADVANCEing the Role of Sulphonylureas by Dr Chan Siew Pheng, Malaysia The Cholesterol Continuum: The Good, the PJ Hilton AstraZeneca2. 13th April 2012 Plaque and the Ugly by Prof Ian Hamilton, Petaling Jaya Australia 1) Myasthenia Gravis: Introduction and One World Hotel, Invida Approach to the Diagnosis by Assoc Prof Petaling Jaya, (Singapore) Nortina Shahrizaila, Malaysia Selangor Private Limited 2) Myasthenia Gravis: Approach to Treatment & Neuromuscular Disorders: Overview of the3. 8th April 2012 Approach to Diagnosis by Prof Dr Goh Kean Jin, Malaysia 3) Neuromuscular Disorders: Case Scenarios by Assoc Prof Dr Nortina Shahrizaila, Malaysia 3
  4. 4. 1) A NICE Way in Looking at Atopic Hilton Kuala Stiefel (a GSK Dermatitis: Updated in Treatment Strategies by Lumpur company) 17th February4. Dr Leong Kin Fon, Malaysia 2012 2) Atopic Dermatitis and Dry Skin: Improved Management by Prof Sonja Stander, Germany G Tower Hotel, Invida 11th February A New Modern Approach For Acne Treatment5. Kuala Lumpur (Singapore) 2012 by Prof Giuseppe Micali, Italy Private Limited New Insights into the Use of Metformin in The Gardens, Mid Merck Serono6. 16th July 2011 Diabetes Management by Prof Andrew D Valley, Kuala Morris, UK Lumpur An Expert’s Update on Diagnosis & Treatment Hilton Kuala Merck Sharp &7. 4th June 2011 of Skin Diseases by Prof Carsten Bindslev- Lumpur Dohme (I.A.) Jensen, Denmark Corp 1) Advances In Diabetes Care – 2011 by Hilton Kuala Servier Prof Richard O’Brien, Australia Lumpur (Malaysia) Sdn8. 29th May 2011 2) Diamicron MR 60mg: UPGRADE your Bhd Patients to Superior Control by Dr Ziad Matta, FranceWebsiteThe PMPASKL has its own website ( to keep its members abreast with thelatest Association news and activities. Members are encouraged to contribute articles and write-ups and also to visit the website and provide ideas and comments.Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations, MalaysiaThe principal office bearers of the PMPASKL continue to be actively involved with theFPMPAM leadership in issues concerning the medical profession.Dr Gong Swee KimHon SecretaryPMPASKL 4