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In-Car experience for automobile experience in future


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 The workshop focused on designing in-car experiences for automobiles of the future.

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In-Car experience for automobile experience in future

  1. 1. THE STORY OF EXPERIENCE Name : — Raj Malhotra _ Age , - 35 Raj Malhotra Occupation : — Chief Executive Officer CEO Industry : — MNC, Manufacturing The Big C0mPanV ltd- Family : — Wife and two Kids and a Dog Healthy, Active, Social Delhi Luxuny Flatin a high—rise building. Keywords Professionalism, Safety, Status, Technology, Entertainment, Speed, Love, Kids, Sustainability, Connectivity, Comfort, Privacy Lifestyle Vehicle Preference (Luxury of Technology) Loves to work, stay fit and healthy. Information technology and A spacious car which is comfortable for long distance travel. Should Internet savvy. Uses number of software's and applications to have Internet connectivity. Entertainment features for the family keep track ofbusiness and life in general. Has and active lifestyle and self. It should be safe, sturdy and easy to drive. Should be in and goes to different clubs to maintain it. sync with the present technology. Which defines his social status. ‘ . . Weather ' Parking eControlMoods Infrastructure Predictions What is Luxury ? Spac Entertautntentciimate Connectlvgtgfety Materials Peafurgs Interactivity Touch . . smelicomron Q 0 Factors of Special Attention Visual Appeal Use of Materials Features Ergonomics Color and Trim Design Elements User Persona D — SEGMENT USER EXPERIENCE What is an Experience? Cognitive Load , , Sitting Posture Isolation / Inclusion Vibration Music / Sound Visual Feedback Connections Information Overload Trust/ Reliability Musde Memorv Safew Personalization SUper‘0“tV (Haptic Feedback) Emotion Interaction Visual / Audio Information Tactile Feedback Technology and Trend Analysis Route Detection Visual Information Contextual Data Auto Braking Communication > with other cars 59" parklng Augmented Reality Data Storage Self Driven No Buttons Cloud Sync Touch Screen Dashboard -< Single Screen Maps Views Individual Users Secu rity Biometric / - Apps for wearab| e's Mood Ughts Touch less SIRI I Carmna Gesture Controls > Centralized Control System Customization apps for Cars ‘Tools & Utility Entertainment & Social mealthl Safety l l Connectivity Bio Metrics User Accounts Third Party Systems Hardware Docks LED onto Cars Auto Brakes Cloud Sync Real time information Pulse Check Car Health Check Auto Parking Data Storage Weather Updates Blood Pressure Route Detection Apps for Cars (SDK) Traffic Updates Stress Level Haptic Locks Wearable's as comm. Device Social Connectivity Accurate voice detection Recommendation (contextual data) Car -2- Car Communication Operating System Internet on Car Layout (2+2) Form Integration Side glass Green Screen (Nano tech) Holographic Projection on cloth Movable Steering 3D Printed Seats, cloth cushions Meta Material invisibility (fabric) Video Conferencing Glow paint (jellyfish) Interiors (one unit) Contrast (B/ W) environment Seat Fabric/ foam , air, split/ change Muscle Memory, haptic feedback Connections outside the world Thermal Textiles (hot/ cold, light/ dark) Freedom to sit anywhere Color changingfabric Social Fugal socio petal Seats (degree of softness / hardness) Privacy Changes in layouts Finger print, retina scan Playing space for kids interactive touch table (coffee table) Panoramic roof nested / layered Nostalgia jmportant Kevwmds Ashwin Singh Proje(t Leaner Sameer Ansari Yechnologyfln TIEHHS Lead Pradeep Siddapa Design Lead Anand E. S. Design Lead Rahul Arora Marketing Lead l K V ~