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Arkay & arkay, chartered accountants


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Arkay & Arkay Chartered Accountants - Corporate Profile

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Arkay & arkay, chartered accountants

  1. 1. For private circulation`A&A$%C`$%CA&A C`EXCELLENCE . PASSION . EXPERIENCEArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  2. 2. Arkay & Arkay, Chartered Accountants is a professional services firm offeringmultidisciplinary services in the domains of Direct and Indirect taxation, Audit andAssurance, India Entry Advisory, Risk Advisory and other allied services to domestic andglobal business of all sizes. The firm focuses on value optimization for clients by offeringpractical yet innovative solutions.We bring to the table deep subject matter expertise and knowledge coupled with asustained work ethic in the pursuit of excellence. At Arkay & Arkay, we are committed tosuccess, for our clients and our professionals who we nurture to live our core values.At Arkay & Arkay, we do not set small targets. We envision being the best in the world inall of the practice areas that we operate in. We measure ourselves against the bestworldwide and are committed to besting them on all accounts be it cost effectiveness,customer service and most importantly timely advice which adds value to our client’soperations. It is because we believe that in the growth of our clients, lies our success.For private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sdOur PeopleOur professionals are recognized expertsin their respective domains. We leverageour respective experiences to ensure athorough analysis of issues from allpossible perspectives, covering all aspectsof tax and regulations to bring to you thehighest quality , tailored advice.Our team comprises of CharteredAccountants, Lawyers and MBAs workingtogether to provide you the best value.India ExpertiseWe know the Indian corporate environmentlike the back of our hands. Therefore, weare able to provide in-depth India entryadvisory to our clients. We help them in :setting up their business presence in India,performing due diligences on potentialpartners, helping secure governmentalapprovals. We also help foreignbusinesses manage their India operationsby providing them managed services suchas accounts & finance and Payroll for theirIndia based employees.
  3. 3. For private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sdOURSERVICES
  4. 4. TAXFor private circulation only%`Arkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  5. 5. For private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comAs India opens its door to foreign businesses, it offers to theworld a wealth of opportunities, and to go with them, It alsooffers a sizable number of challenges which a businessmust conquer in order to attain the eventual prize, success.To stay competitive it is imperative that both Indian businessand foreign entrants recognize the Indian tax challenge andadequately prepare themselves to be successful in thiscompetitive landscape.In the last few years the Indian tax and regulatoryenvironment has seen many changes, re-affirming the factthat one needs to be their toes, ever ready, to succeed inthe country. It does not end there, In the years to come wecan expect more changes to the tax structure in the form oflegislations such as the Direct Tax Code (“DTC”), GeneralAnti Avoidance Rules (“GAAR”), Goods and Service Tax(“GST”) and an increased focus on transfer pricing andAdvance Pricing Agreement(“APA”), plus an increasedspotlight on “Controlled Foreign Corporations” and “Place ofEffective Management”. This year we have already seenchanges in the form of overhaul of the Service Tax laws ,with the ushering in of the negative list regime, and multipleretrospective amendments in both Direct and Indirect taxlaws.To further complicate matters business are fast blurringinternational borders, thereby making tax compliance evenmore convoluted and ensuring that it must be given theattention that it truly deserves.`CA&A$%Arkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  6. 6. For private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comOnly organizations which treat tax as a strategic element oftheir operation will find success in today’s environment. It iscritical that a business tax strategy must not only focus oncompliance with existing statues but must also anticipateand be prepared for future developments in policy andadministration , not to forget developments in judicial circles.Failure to take these factors into account increases nor anycompliance cost but also has significant impact on thebottom-line of the company, by increasing the cost of doingbusiness in the country.Business leaders realize that tax strategy is a criticalelement in maximizing value of any venture and helps indefining its overall success. A successful tax strategy needsexperts at the helm , who are aware of the challenges andcan help minimize tax and maximize value and to attain aforward looking, beneficial tax strategy.To be successful, therefore each organization should striveto use legitimate tax planning to gain an advantage in thiscompetitive landscape. Lowering the effective tax rate in ajurisdiction or across jurisdictions can yield multiple benefitsto all stakeholders.`CA&A$%Arkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  7. 7.  Identifying tax exposuresand preparing plans Documentation,Preparation and review ofcorporate tax returns Representation beforeIndian statutory and fiscalauthorities. strategy andresolution; competentauthority proceedingsunder tax treaties Inbound tax advisory Alignment of tax withbusiness strategiesCorporate Tax Advisory& Compliance Preparation of corporatetax and other returns,including advice onpositions to be adopted inthe returns. Assistance in assessments/ representation before theIndian tax authorities Opinions on specific issuesand assistance duringchange of law, rules anddevelopments due to newcase laws Contract structuring andreviewsCorporate Tax Strategic tax andregulatory advisoryservices on cross-borderacquisitions anddivestitures Advisory on holdingstructures and businessmodels, Treaty advisory andutilization, GAAR advisory Transfer pricing study andadvisory vis-à-vis Indiantax authoritiesInternational Tax Advisory and complianceservices Review of Process,compliance and positiontaken Highlighting potential areasof exposure Advise on tax optimization GST impact analysis andassistance in transition CENVAT credit review Due Diligence Litigation relatedRepresentation Service tax audit relatedassistance Advice on classification,valuation, duty liability andthe cross-credit schemeIndirect TaxOther Services Tax dispute resolution Litigation and Tax accounting under IFRSor US GAAP Tax risk: identifying,prioritizing, monitoring andremediating risk Expat Tax Personal tax planning andprovisionFor private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  8. 8. ADVISORYFor private circulation only$CArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  9. 9. For private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comWhile the developed economies cope with stagnanteconomies and negative growth rates, India offer a beaconof opportunity in the form of an untapped market and asteadily growing economy to power the engines of growth atfor global corporations.The India story makes a compelling argument for M & Aactivity as a means of gaining entry and growth in thecountry. M & A and corporate restructuring have seen asignificance uptick in the past years and high growth,promoter driven companies in India have come to be asbullish about M & A and private placement as areinternational investors looking for the right Indian partner todeploy Capital.Given the inherent complexities in the Indian regulatoryenvironment which offers significant challenges in the pathtowards evaluation, execution and integration activitiescareful planning and coordination is required to provide therequired outcome.Arkay and Arkay offer a complete suite of advisory servicesencompassing M & A, Risk Advisory, Capital Markets andTransaction Support among others. Given today’s globaleconomic situation it is important that business maximizetheir resources. To this end, we provide valuation opinion,Business modeling, forecasting and structuring in addition toother services. Our advisory wing offers services to handlefinancial and operational risk challenges. We help strategicand P.E Investors understand Financial, tax and businessexposures.`CA&A$%Arkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  10. 10.  Preparing feasibility studiesand business plans New businessestablishment Licensing, registration andGovt. approvalsIndia Entry Advisory Business Risk services Internal Audits Operational and processrisk analysis Financial Risk Analysis Technology Risk Analysis Regulatory Risk Services Sarbanes-Oxleycompliance FCPA Compliance UK Bribery ActRisk AdvisoryFor private circulation Fund Raising Advisory Buy side advisory• Formulation of strategy• Scouting for targets• Co-ordinating due diligence• Finalization of documents• Deal Execution• Closure Sell side advisory Strategy to maximizevaluations Identifying buyers Managing valuationexpectations Negotiation Support Co-ordinating due diligence Deal Execution ClosureM& A Advisory Due diligence reviews Financial due diligence Business due diligence Evaluation of transactionstructures Valuations Assistance duringnegotiations Assistance duringtransition complianceTransactionAdvisory Business reorganization IPO and delisting advisory Implementation support Fiscal Financial Capital Market Legal RegulatoryBusiness Re-structuringArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  11. 11. ASSURANCEFor private circulation onlyA&AArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  12. 12. For private circulation onlywww.arkayandarkay.comWinds of change are sweeping across the corporatelandscape, both in India and beyond. The financial reportingenvironment is in a state of flux and is rapidly transforming.Keeping in mind, the changing needs of the variousstakeholders, it is of utmost import then, for leadership,management, audit committee and auditors to be updatedwith the new developments.Given this natural evolution in accounting regulations andstandards the question begs to be asked by management,how can our organization keep up to date with theseregulations? For failure to comply, can be disastrous for anorganization.Instances of fraud, bribery and corruption exposecompanies to not only financial risk but also regulatory andreputational damages. Laws such as FCPA have to becomplied with across geographies in the currentenvironment, there exists a need for companies to increasetheir anti bribery and anti-fraud efforts to ensure thatstakeholders value is not lost, damaged or destroyed.Stake holders are increasingly demanding greatertransparency in corporate governance while investors wanteasier access to increasingly accurate and relevant financialinformation coupled with full disclosure on exposure andrisks.In addition the concept of CSR and Sustainable report hasalso gained prominence in the recent past. Given theecological impact of businesses, Organizations areincreasingly adopting sustainability reporting as part of theircommunication with shareholders. Sustainability Reportinghelps all stakeholders determine the real cost on profit of abusiness and its environmental, social and economicperformance`CA&A$%Arkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  13. 13.  Statutory Audits Concurrent Audits Financial Accounting Preparation of systemstudies and accountingmanuals Other Agreed uponproceduresAudit and AssuranceFor private circulation Secretarial Services Compliance withrequirements of RegistrarOf Companies (“ROC”) XBRL return filing Other Misc. CompliancesCompany LawCompliance Conversion from localGAAP to :• US GAAP• IFRS• UK GAAP Conversion from USGAAP/IFRS to IndianGAAP Diagnostic reviewsConversion ServicesArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd Tax accounting under IFRSor US GAAP Tax risk• Identifying,• Prioritizing,• Monitoring, and;• Remediating riskTax Accounting andCompliance Sustainability review Assessing sustainabilityimpact Preparation ofsustainability reports as perGRI frameworkSustainability
  14. 14. INDUSTRYEXPERIENCEPharmaceuticalsManufacturingFMCGEducationConsultingMerchant & InvestmentBankingShippingReal-EstateEngineeringLogisticsConstructionInformation TechnologyWellnessAviationF&BE-commerceTravel & TourismDefenseRetailEnergyBio-techAgroRetail BankingFor private circulation onlyArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sd
  15. 15. CONTACTUSFor private circulation onlyArkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t sdArkay & Arkay, Chartered AccountantsSuite 1101 | KLJ Towers North | NSPNew Delhi |110034Ph : 91-11-2735-7350 |
  16. 16. `%`$%CA&A C`Arkay & ArkayC h a r t e r e d A c c o u n t a n t