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The slides I have used for a presentation / demonstration at Dr Tracy Simmon's Media and Communication lecture on the 20th of Feb, 2013.

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Technology to support learning at Leicester_Edirisingha_20Feb2013

  1. 1. Technologies to support learning at Leicester Dr Palitha Edirisingha Beyond Distance Research Alliance University of Leicester, UK 20 Feb 2013 Department of Media and Communication MS3010
  2. 2. Our plan…• Who we are and what we do: our research and teaching• Tablets and Apps..• ‘Past’ Forward: digitising the past for future learners• Second Life• All about the Voice: podcasting• Getting connected: Adobe Connect for remote participation and collaboration
  3. 3. Who we are …what we do…
  4. 4. Tablets and Apps..
  5. 5. Delivering a course to learners in conflict zones through an iPad App Department of Criminology, University of LeicesterWebsite: apps-to-aid-learning-in-conflict-zonesYouTube video (3 ½ minutes): in the Guardian newspaper technology
  6. 6. ‘Past’ Forward:digitising historical material for future learners
  7. 7. My Leicestershire Digital Archive (MLDA) electronic collection of photographs, trade directories, film, oralhistory and books on the history of Leicester and Leicestershire. Materials have been provided, digitised and catalogued by a partnership between BBC Radio Leicester East Midlands Oral History Archive Leicestershire Industrial History Society Media Archive for Central England Rothley Heritage Trust, Individual local historians, and the University of Leicester. Example search “Wrights Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland, 1880”
  8. 8. Second Life
  9. 9. SWIFT Project Project website at: YouTube video
  10. 10. All about the (recorded) Voice: podcasting
  11. 11. A podcast is• a digital media file• that plays sound (or sound and visuals)• made available from a website (via the internet, VLE)• can be opened and / or downloaded and played on a computer, and / or• downloaded from a website (e.g., VLE) to be played on a portable digital player (Salmon et al., 2008, p. 20)
  12. 12. Examples of podcasting at Leicester Professor John Fothergill, Engineering Dr Ray Randall, Occupational Psychology alliance/projects/duckling Student-created podcasts More resources here And here
  13. 13. Podcasting to support student learningLearning activities Guidance and supportNew possibilities Learning on locationthrough technologyListening to sound, Improve distancevoice and learning learner experience
  14. 14. Designing podcasts
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Length of a podcast 2 minutes 6 minutes 2 minutes Beginning Middle End
  17. 17. Recording and editing software
  18. 18. Audacity encoder Appendix: How to create podcasts – practitioner’s guide (pp. 188 - 204)
  19. 19. Getting connected: Adobe Connect for remote participation and collaboration
  20. 20. Supervision, tutorials and training workshops with Masters and PhD students Adobe Connect collaboration environmentExamples:BDRA PhD research training workshop - 18 Feb 2013Student presentations process (Dr Tracey Simmons) [21 minutes, 43 minutes] early, writing regularly (Prof David Hawkridge) and Framing your study (Dr Chris Comber) [I hr 41 mins]
  21. 21. Thank you•