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G sockey


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Published in: Education
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G sockey

  1. 1. G-SOCKEYThe household Sport
  2. 2. G-SOCKEY G-Sockey (short for: Gentle Shot Sauce Hockey)You will need Broom, Spaghetti Sauce Jars, Cover from a spaghetti jar Players Referee
  3. 3. HOW TO PLAY G-SOCKEYSetup Place jars two inches from the wall. Place jars 16 inches apart.
  4. 4. HOW TO PLAY G-SOCKEY Using a broom, shoot the cover into the goal area. Note: Player will quickly discover that a gentle shot is more effective than a strong one. The strong shots tend to bounce off the wall and leave the goal area.
  5. 5. G-SOCKEY RULES To score a goal, cover must be completely between and behind the front of the jars. The referee can measure and call if there is a questionable play. Each goal is worth 2 points.
  6. 6. G-SOCKEY RULES Players must take turns. Turn ends after 3 attempts have been made. "Attempt" is defined as a floor shot with broom from any floor location . First person to get 10 points wins. Any disputes or questions will be resolved by the referee. Referee has the final say in any given game.