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Terrorist Threat


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Danny Scalf sending email to plaintiff Alyon threatening harm to their family if money isn't paid.

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Terrorist Threat

  1. 1. • - -.-. . -- . •. "--.•• .•.. I .iI1541 YE: rorn: She.n-i i.0 )Jana [Mai 1 tn i.-iriy - ni_u@hoLma.i 1. Sent: ::uday, February (, 2UC4 3:Ci3 E'M To: Sephane Touhoul Cc: car;o@ALYON NET; mrncalijsTer@ALYON NET Uays Left. t.o Cmp!y 9 riay Left to Comply Oe day without response. You should not your worst mistake and my grealesi. pleasure. the devs ta tion will. also mci idc anyone who and ha. nelpcd you in anyway. underestimate me. Lu w. 1.1 be chould now let you know 1-hat. has over worked for or wi th you That w Lii includc not only your own m temployees but- a iso anyone who has gnored principles to help you, wI-.i ouid include TIne Whitti.eid and Dough etty al 1 their employees and their fraudulent invest -, -; rs. :i t i 1 i choose to ignore we you have a :nora I duty to warn at 1 1 be auoarent that their deva s t;a t on is due to their association with you JJc riot. rely on your government, relationships to help you either. i have my own Sayerat Matkai Wang Sheri-Liu ------OrIginal Moonoge' From: Shen- ilu Wang [rnai Ito: ) Sent: Tuesday February 03, 2004 2:32 AM To: stouhoulAIYON .NET Subject: 10-day Demand for Reparations from Al yon Thieves Mr Touboul, I am very personally aware of what you have been doing and the extent o± your activities. You have no i- who you iivc offended. My wi:Ce 1 z mother has been a victim of your extortion and her finances have been severi.y impacted. Her pleas for restitution have also been unanswered. r am aware of the many investigations on you and your company's illegal activities. I have also paid for an very comprehensive investigation of my own on you and your business enterprises. 1 am aware that you have resisted the efforts of the United States Federal Trade Commission ('TD) to force you to repay your Victims and your counterotfensrves to spread ties. With the information I have q hred u.i you I am going to support. those
  2. 2. - - _ -.. _ ... . _ . L. ._•, 41J' .... i . ._ : 1.) 4 544 f-'G.E . ., ~.. YOU O Jpo ie . I.:1 , :11 t1 eqo: y S i: r as a .j oh a rid dev c.eoi. i. ve press; te1cases (.. cll A 1 am 1w:._t_ th- t.aWZ>I111, you have I: _1eo A rIJ s he .l awsw t against F; .00 :- Report and the .rd.! a+. co The i nfox?I?ati.on I am gal.her i.I1g, will :soot] he Lhiu.i rs am a man of some little substance and influence and will. use tha t destroy you and your fanul.y• Perhaps you are uIlfrmZ1ll.tar with the or'.Ien , but if you tJ.:. ?'i or dismissing this coiiimun : i"rl`3c.,xx without JC.t1Cm r you will eq e't=. Lha decision. Lie not underest.1mate, me . You will be hold responsible by your clan for their.' deva tatiori. Here is what. you must do to forestall your d<.st ruction which is already underway. Within 10 rays you miist Zckrow1.edcie to the FTC that you are responsible for the losses of your vi.ct.im_ :or whi oh they have ac.-counting. Make arrangements to atone for your theft,,. Repayment shoiild he comp.Let=e1 y Paid in 3 months with interest of 12% per annum, compounded monthly based on Trop your lawsuits of Mr. Si_ras bauyh and Ripoff Report, and 1: ublic:ly apologize for the problems you have caused therm. You will, also nay Mr. St rasbaugh and Ripoff Report. each Y 1. 0, 000, ?=) C:OVer their attorney fees. . Do not t }t.i rik i het yc)u can escape m by running and hJ_r3il. ug 1I7 other countries. My network is, enough to find you, even in •..f iio noth.i.rlq and it: will be my psi eas:ur e to be. the. :source of yuuL undoing and ut-.ter destruction of you, your and your fam:i_iy's tam1 ly. Wang OhiSrIj.:j.0 Tired o f spare? Gel. iidvanced junk rCt_2il protection wit:h NSIV 8. litt p: //join. tnsn . com/?page=features/junkrnai.l Cl