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Paksolar Renewable Energy Free and Forever


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Pakistan Solar Services can specify, design, install and commission renewable energy systems for your developments. The company has practical experience of implementing turnkey projects either as an independent project or as part of a larger building project, as an independent consultancy.

PAKSOLAR (Pakistan Solar Services) specializes in photovoltaic, Wind Energy, Energy Conservation, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pump projects and Portable Solar DC System, providing integrated proposals and planning, equipment procurement, construction and maintenance of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) energy projects, aiming at the maximum return on each investment.

Our company addresses itself and provides services to individuals, companies, public and private institutions and other investors in the field of Renewable Energy Sources.

PakSolar has now very strong collaboration with the USA, EU and German renewable energy firms who have acquired an extensive experience in the large scale Renewable Energy projects like in MWs.

Pakistan Solar Services is now a part of KPK renowned renewable energy consumer banking BOK (Bank of Khyber) on their "ROSHAN GHAR" and "RAAST ROSHAN GHAR (ISLAMIC BANKING) projects (through Islamic & Conventional Financing) across Pakistan.

A solar leasing option where a monthly fee is paid towards the payment of the entire solar power plant. By applying for solar lease you have an account and approval from BOK, all payments and schedule by the BOK (Bank of Khyber) to view details BOK Roshan Ghar Scheme.

A pay up front option is the most common of our payment options. This is the large amount of money to pay all at once.

This payment option is a unique way for businesses or industrials to save money on their electric bill. With a power purchase agreement (PPA), you have to pay the upfront cost of solar power system, you may received monthly/yearly amount from installed solar panels and use the electricity they generate.

According to a recent report, 2% of homeowners in Punjab with mature solar markets choose a solar lease or PPA.

Small and large projects can be developed from initial concept through commissioning and operation.

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