Campus talk @ NUS (Presentation of Schneider Electric, Go Green & Grad Trainee) 27 Jan 14


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Campus talk @ NUS
- Presentation of Schneider Electric,
- Go Green
- Grad Trainee
Done on 27 Jan 14

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Campus talk @ NUS (Presentation of Schneider Electric, Go Green & Grad Trainee) 27 Jan 14

  1. 1. Make the most of your energy™ Presenter: Pascal Ly Head of Digital Customer Experience 27 January 2014 National University of Singapore
  2. 2. The energy dilemma is here to stay The facts The need vs Energy demand CO2 emissions to By 2050 avoid dramatic climate changes by 2050 Electricity by 2030 Source: IEA 2007 Source: IPCC 2007, figure (vs. 1990 level) Frequent power outages Rising energy prices Climate change Conflicts for resource access & control 2
  3. 3. Our answer: Helping people make the most of their energy 3
  4. 4. More than 175 years of history Energy Acquisition of Telvent Management 2010 2011 1999 Groupe Schneider becomes Schneider Electric, focused on Power & Control Power & Control 1996 Modicon, historic leader in Automation, becomes a Schneider brand Steel Industry 1836 Creation of Schneider at Le Creusot, France 19th century 1991 Square D joins Groupe Schneider 1988 Telemecanique joins Groupe Schneider 1975 Merlin Gerin joins Groupe Schneider 20th century Acquisition of Areva’s distribution activity 2008 Acquisition of Xantrex 2007 Acquisition of APC corp. and Pelco 2005 Acquisition of Power Measurement Inc. 2003-2008 Targeted acquisitions in wiring devices and home automation (Lexel, Clipsal, Merten, Ova, GET, etc.) 2003 Acquisition of T.A.C 2000 Acquisition of MGE UPS Systems 21st century 4
  5. 5. Schneider Electric – the global specialist in energy management Balanced geographies – H1 2013 revenue breakdown billion € revenues (last twelve months) Western Europe 29% North America 25% Asia Pacific 27% Rest of World 19% of revenues in new economies (last twelve months) Diversified end markets – FY 2012 revenues people in 100+ countries Utilities & Infrastructure Industrial & machines Data centres of sales devoted to R&D 25% 22% 15% Non-residential buildings 29% Residential 9% Schneider Electric Singapore Execution Center : Internal Meeting 5
  6. 6. Energy production & transmission Energy Management •Making energy… Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Productive and Green Energy Usage …with 30-70% savings everywhere 6
  7. 7. How do we do it? 7
  8. 8. Providing integrated solutions Integration Make energy visible Make systems work together HVAC control Efficient & productive: Lighting control Access control Video security Electrical distribution Energy monitoring Motor control Critical power • Measure and control energy, automate, provide relevant diagnosis • Manage processes • Make all the utilities of any Infrastructure more efficient Reliable Prevent from power outage & quality variance Safe •Protect people and assets •Transform and distribute power safely Green: Make the connection of IT data renewable energy sources easy, reliable and cost-effective Renewable energies 8
  9. 9. Leading the development of the Smart Grid Please use animation Flexible Distribution (DMS, substations, feeders) Residential Efficient homes (incl. EV charging infrastructure) Industry Demand Response Buildings Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage Data Centres Smart Generation (bulk, distributed & renewable) Smarter Demand Smarter Supply Efficient Enterprise (buildings, industries & datacenters + EV charging infrastructure) Infrastructure Demand Response the Smart Grid 9
  10. 10. ...and the Smart Cities! We deliver urban efficiency. Today. Smart Collaboration Smart Buildings & Homes ● Solutions to cities' immediate challenges, Smart Integration ● Integration for increased efficiency, ● Innovation for a holistic sustainable future, ● Collaboration to make it all happen. Smart Energy Smart Public Services Smart Mobility Smart Water We understand what it takes. We make Smart Cities a reality. 10
  11. 11. Within an innovation eco-system for a simpler and greener future We start today… So we can be… Partnering with 50+ best-in-class public and private organisations Leading global projects for Intelligent buildings, renewables, nanotechnologies Energy efficient Homes Minalogic Smart Electricity Boosting standardisation Schneider Electric Venture capital fund R&D engineers 70 sites in 22 countries Zigbee, IEC, NEMA Funding start-ups 11000 Demand response, software breakthrough Environmentally friendly Open and connected Available 24/7, on site and remote 11
  12. 12. Tackling the stakes of today and tomorrow to support Schneider Electric’s responsible growth Green business Energy efficiency Responsible company Measured commitment Access to energy Globalisation Resources New economies Environment protection Renewables Carbon People well being Objective 2014: 8/10 January 2012 start: 3/10 Electric Vehicles Smart cities and smart grids poverty Social commitment •Communicate quarterly •Audited annually •Revised with each company programme Ethics & responsibility equity inclusion 12
  13. 13. With people at the heart of our strategy Individual behaviours driven by… • Technology that makes things visible • Regulations • Incentives Skills • Renew competencies • Build new educational programmes • Develop maintenance, audits, etc. Respect and passion for diversity • Loving difference • Diversity for innovation Collaboration • Public-private partnerships • Cross-business alliances • Competitiveness projects 13
  14. 14. Our greatest reward: the satisfaction of our stakeholders
  15. 15. A recognised and awarded commitment Reference Ethical Stock index and ratings ●Selected in the DJSI World and Europe indexes ●Selected in the “Carbon Performance Leadership index” (Performance band A) ●Selected in the “Climate Disclosure Leadership Index” with a score of 97/100 Prestigious awards Gigaton award by carbon war room, UK for our commitment to smart grid and energy efficiency Zayed Future Energy prize ●In the best-in-class companies for Vigeo CSR rating agency By Masdar, UAE For our contribution to renewables and sustainable development ●In the Prime category of the Oekom research ranking Green cross ●Top 5 of the best French listed companies in CSR By national safety council, US ●Top 100 most ethical companies By Ethisphere, EU - For our ethics commitment and governance Human Capital trophy For our health & safety practices France For our management internationalisation policy 15
  16. 16. Singapore Success Stories 16
  17. 17. Make the most of your energy™ Presenter: Paul Poh Manager, Professional Services Presenter: Chan Ai-Lay Human Resources
  18. 18. USA, Turkey, Russia, France, Poland, Brazil, Germany, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand ……. Paris Final 25 Teams from 19 countries East Asia Final 182 Teams shortlisted from 8 countries 1000+ entries
  19. 19. From Left: Jia Jun Dou (NTU), Keith Lee(ITB, Mentor), Michel Orlhac (VP , Global Marketing) Gao Dong Fang (NTU),
  20. 20. > Register at today!
  22. 22. Think Big. Think Green. Think Schneider • Be a part of the revolution – Pave the way for Intelligent Energy Consumption • Build your case on the idea on Smart City, eg: 1. Smart Energy 2. Smart Water 3. Smart Buildings 4. Smart Integration 5. Smart Public Services 6. Smart Mobility •You will be judged on your innovative thinking, the feasibility, adaptability of your proposal, its energy saving and social impact
  23. 23. • Certificate of Participation for participating candidates shortlisted for Interview • Trophy will be awarded to winning University for winning teams in the Paris Challenge • Participants from the winning teams will be shortlisted for – Interview for Singapore Graduate Program; or – Interview for Job opportunities upon graduation; or – Internship Opportunity • The winning team in Paris will be awarded with a trip around the world
  24. 24. Timeline By 15 Feb Submission of Business Case 4 Apr East Asia Finals @Ho Chi Minh City Register 14 Mar Country Finals NOW JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY Feb 28 Semi-finals mentorship Finals mentorship 21 Jun Global Finals @PARIS JUNE JULY
  25. 25. Make the most of your energy™ 28
  26. 26. Make the most of your energy™ Presenter: Terrence Tham Singapore Talent Acquisition Team Lead Human Resources
  27. 27. Schneider Electric graduate program seeks to attract, grow and develop talented fresh graduates to build talent pool for future critical roles. The program comprises 12-18 months of exciting learning and hands-on experience with a leading Energy Management Specialist 30
  28. 28. 31
  29. 29. Make the most of your energy™ Presenter: Gan Wei Han Schneider Electric Graduate Trainee Year 2012 National University of Singapore Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (2009 to 2012)
  30. 30. Program Structure Attract & Select Target top Universities / MBA Accelerated Development Program • 3-6 months assignment in different functions within a BU (Sales, Service, PM, T&C) Learning Path •Orientation and Onboarding •Functional competencies •Product and Business Training •Personal Development Panel Interview Selection Offer Stage Commence career in SE Mentoring Each trainee / group of trainees assigned to a mentor throughout program Assessment / feedback after each assignment Solution Sales Presentation before mgt / panel after 18 months program Solution Marketing Graduation Job Rotations Branding Activities Assessment Procedure / Tools Assessment & Graduation Power BU Permanent Posting ITB Coaching Trainees are guided and coached by dept leaders during on-the job training Schneider Electric South East Asia GSC 33
  31. 31. What functional positions are available? • Project Engineer • Field Service Engineer • Sales Engineer • Marketing Engineer • Supply Chain Planner What background do you need? Candidates for our program should • Graduate with Engineering, Information Systems, Business, Finance – at least 2nd Upper Honors • Candidates with strong academic results, relevant internship or extra-curricular activities • Demonstrates leadership competency / potential • Thinks differently, Speaks truthfully, Collaborates and With great urgency 34
  32. 32. Singapore Graduate Program Timeline Assessment Day by Apr 25 Start Date Jul 1 Apply by Feb 18 JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY Interview May JUNE JULY
  33. 33. Message from Darrick Chan Contrary to the common believe, when we observe other companies in the world, they are part of the problem the world is facing. The best part of working in Schneider Electric is the notion we are always part of the solution, always contributing to the common good of the planet. That is why working in Schneider Electric is so meaningful and rewarding. When it comes to learning, Schneider Electric is very generous in providing numerous training opportunities. Be it local or international opportunities, there are tons of avenues which you can learn. On a personal note, probably one of the best life experience was when I had the fortune to work in South Korea. Language barrier was definitely one of the challenges I had to to overcome. That said, have you ever been in an environment where everyone or anyone could be your teacher? Schneider Electric is that place. Literally, everyone in the office is my Korean teacher. This was a big dream come true not only on a professional but also on a personal front. The most rewarding element in Schneider Electric is the autonomy to work. The team and the management, really puts their trust and belief in you. They provide you with the freedom to deliver the results in your style and stand by you in the event you make mistakes. This confidence gives you the energy to always deliver your best. National University of Singapore Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (HONOURS 2008 - 2012 If you are hungry to learn and eager to improve yourself, then we strongly suggest you to take a leap of faith and join our big family. Your opportunity for growth awaits in Schneider Electric where you can always make the most of your experience. Key Achievements: 1st Prize - IEEE Region 10 (Asia-Pacific) Undergraduate Student Paper Contest 2012 National University of Singapore Innovation & Research Award Recipient Dean’s List Recipient, AY2010/2011
  34. 34. Join us in our call for action for individual who • Thinks differently • Speaks truthfully • Collaborates • With great urgency 37