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My awesome social media presentation for Media Design Concepts/IMKT120.

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  • Good afternoon! I’m Pasha Jones your Senior Account Manager for TBW Marketing Design. It’s a pleasure to present the profound impact of social media on the marketing corporation this afternoon.
  • Social Media has become a trendsetter and a vessel in the technology world to benefit all those that take advantage of it! I’m hereto show you how to become a beneficiary of Social Media as well!This morning we will discuss what Social Media is.After you’ve learned what social media is I give you the evolution of Social Media.Then how Social Media impacted the world of technology.Also I’ll inform you on the benefits of Social Media.And lastly “How to make Social Media your savior.”
  • It is a set of tools that are used to communicate in order to involve our company in the mixture.The best way to define social media is to break it down. Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication (Nations).Here I have included a chart of the things that consist of a Social Media (Reunintr).As you see there are so many tools that contribute to the Social Media that the functionality is almost limitless to communicate! To name a few:Social NetworksLive/LifestreamLivecast and,Publish
  • The first email was sent in 1971 thus the evolution of social networking begin to later become the tickle in blogging (2007).Over the years technology begin to change and in rolled the 90s. Around this time in history the blog was officially created in 1999 by Peter Merholz of peterme.com (2007).Then we got pass 2K as a country in shock! In 2004 the first video blog called “vlog” was introduced by Boston-based Steve Garfield.Wow! Let the networking begin and the micro-dollars flow in like Veteran blogger Jason Kottke whom once made a living off of his blogging but gave this dream up in 2006 reluctantly.With all these new and exciting things being birthed into the world of communication the world meets the Social Network. Social Networking begin in 1997 and flourished in the late 2004 and early 2005 (Goble).Some of the networking sites that help this evolutions in the late 90s are:BlackPlanet.comAsianAvenue and MiGenteThese are sites allowing people to communicate in a community that is targeted for a specific group per say. Whether it be personal or professional it is up to the user.In the late 2004 the Social Network begin to evolve with networking sites like (2012): Facebook who is #1 @ 10.00MySpace who is #2 @ 8.75Friendster who is #3 @8.25Bebo who is #4 @ 8.00Zorpia who is #5 @8.00These statics are according to TopTenREVIEWS.com who conducted this survey based on a 1-10 scale.
  • Thus the impact of Social Media on the technology world was phenomenal for the marketing business!Through these Social Networks such as Facebook YouTube and,TwitterDating sites like BlackPlanet.comProfessional sites like LinkedInGaming SocialAnd etc.Hopefully these examples give you the visual for the benefits of how Social Media will give our company.
  • Interacting with the customers meeting those supply and demands.This means a rise in customer services reviewsBetter customer satisfactionGOOD REVIEWSBudget cost that can be used on other keys aspects for our company TBW Marketing Design to invest the products on demand from your customers!Advertisement is going to be exploded worldwide with the ability for the company to expand!Competition will be accessible and you’ll be able to match or surpass your competitors.Also we can gain more partners, and hopefully our company can gain a wider product line with this tool as well.Lastly this can give TBW Marketing Design a bigger group of customers. Also being able to gain those groups that are not yet part of the era of the products deliveries.
  • And how is Social Media our savior here at TBW Marketing Design?It will turn your corporation into a SocialCorp!A Social Corp is a corporation that takes advantage of Social Media and explode into the Social Network to accomplish the supply and demand of audience.With all these tools I’ve given you and offered to you we will succeed in turning our corporation into the finest SocialCorp with Social Media as your savior!
  • These are my works cited. Feel free to use any of these sources to refer back to if you may need to recall any information.
  • Unit #1

    1. 1. Social Media: The Savior of MarketingTBW MarketingDesign
    2. 2. AgendaWhat is Social Media?The Evolution of SocialMediaThe Impact of Social Mediaon the Technology WorldThe Benefits of Social MediaHow to Make Social MediaYour “Savior”
    3. 3. What is Social Media?It is a set of tools that are used to communicate in order to involve your company in the mixture. Photo by: Reunintr
    4. 4. The Evolution of Social Media 1st Email ever sent was in 1971 The first blog was created sometime in 1999 In 2004 Video blogs known as “vlogs” Meet the Social Network:  Facebook  MySpace  Friendster  Bebo  Zorpia
    5. 5. The Impact of Social Media on the Technology World
    6. 6. The Benefits of Social Media Engaging directly  Competition with customers  Partners Rate  New customers Advertisement
    7. 7. How to Make Social Media Your “Savior” SocialCorp
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