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What Motivates You


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What Motivates You

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: What Motivates You?Directions: Below you will find a list of items that may be motivational to you: 1. Place anX beside the items that you consider mostimportant to your motivation. (Example Family: X). 2. If yourmostimportantmotivators are not on the list, add them at the bottom. 3. Choose your five (5) most importantmotivators, and place the number of importance next to the X starting with your number 1 motivator, then 2,then 3, then 4 and then 5.(If you have problems knowing what to do, please see the example attached as a separate document)Safety : ___Love: X5Friendship:___Control: ___Money: ___Courage: ___Independence:3XFamily:1XFriend: ___Self:___Success:2XFun and enjoyment: ___Comfort:___Knowledge:4XReligion/spirituality: ___Other(s):Support:___ 3 Copright (c) 2010 Pearson Education, Inc.