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Oil Paint


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Oil Paint, What is Oil Paint, Whereto use Oil Paint, Types of Oil Paint, Uses of Oil Paint, Benefits of Oil Paint, Ways to use oil paint on paintings. Oil Paint in India

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Oil Paint

  1. 1. Oil Paint
  2. 2. What is Oil Paint • Oil paint made of pigment, solvent and binder • Provide better quality and durability • 1st seen in Afghanistan at 5th century • Become popular in 13th century at England • Provide thick and harder finish • Generally Linseed Oil is used • Other oils also used such as poppy, walnut and latest safflower oil • Smooth and Transparent
  3. 3. Student Oil Paint • Work almost like artist oil paints • They have less pigment concentrated • Used with brush or palette knife • Available in textures and matching color • Generally used by a beginner • No chemical additives • Less expensive than artist oil paints • Provide a superior look to paintings • Also available in traditional oil colors • Used in different houses • Longer Drying Time
  4. 4. Artist Oil Paint • Made from pigment, solvent and binder • Generally used finest linseed oil • Excellent quality and light fastness • No chemical additives • Prevent paintings from yellowing, wrinkling and mottling. • They have rich pigment colors • Smooth tone and texture in floral painting • Long Lasting • Longer Drying Time
  5. 5. Water Soluble Oil Paint • Latest paints used by artists and for other works • Much thinned and easily cleaned with soap and water • These paints avoid chemical additives and hazardous fumes • Also used as traditional oil paints • Easily remove from brush, palettes and on paintings • Drying time is longer • Artist use for improve texture and control in paintings
  6. 6. Benefits of Oil Paint in Paintings • Changes easily made in paintings • Different oil paints are available which provide different texture, design, quality • Oil paints easily blend with surrounding paints • Easy to work with oil paints for artists • It’s easy to contrast watercolor with oil paints • Best for beginners because they learn the skills from student oil paints and being expert in this field
  7. 7. Tools for Oil Paint • Right paint selection is very important • Best to use stiff hog bristle brush for oil paint • Palette is non-flat porous surface where you mixed colors • Palette Knife used for mix colors on palette • Turpentine is liquid use to thin oil paints • Gesso gives isolating layer between canvas and paint and prevent canvas • Easel holds the canvas vertically and keeps canvas secure and provide correct angle
  8. 8. Thank You Haryana, India 133001