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10 Best Paint Companies in World


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1. Akzonobel
About Company
It was founded in 1994 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Akzonobel is a leading manufacturer of paints and coatings across the world and a leading producer of specialty chemicals. Akzonobel many brands are popular such as Dulux, Sikkens, International and Eka. It’s production in more than 80 countries.

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10 Best Paint Companies in World

  1. 1. Haryana, India 133001
  2. 2. Founded in 1994 Amsterdam, Netherlands Leading Manufacturer of Paints & Coatings Production in more than 80 Countries Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands 1st Rank all over the world Website- www.akzonobel.comMr. Ton Bucher (CEO) Employees- Upto 50000 1. Akzo Nobel Haryana, India 133001
  3. 3. Founded in 1883 Pennsylvania, USA Leading supplier of Paint, Coatings etc. Operates more than 60 countries Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2nd Highest Paint & Coatings Manufacturer 2. PPG Industries Haryana, India 133001 Mr. Charles E. Bunch (Chairman & CEO) Employees- Upto 43000 Website-
  4. 4. Founded in 1866 Cleveland, Ohio, US Largest producer of Paints, Coatings etc. Operating in more than 70+ countries Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio 3rd Largest paint product and coatings Mfg. Co. Haryana, India 133001 3. Sherwin-Williams Mr. Christopher M. Connor (Chairman & CEO) Employees- Upto 37,650 Website- www.sherwin-
  5. 5. Founded in 1802 Delaware, US 3RD largest chemical company based Operating in more than 90 Countries Headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, US Developed Eco-Friendly Refrigerants, Paints etc. Haryana, India 133001 4. DuPont Mrs. Ellen Kullman (Chairman & CEO) Employees- Upto 60000 Website-
  6. 6. Founded in 1865 Mannheim, Germany World’s Leading Chemical Company Serve 376 additional production sites worldwide Headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany BASF High-Value Products BASF (Baden Aniline Soda Factory) Haryana, India 133001 5. BASF Employees- Upto 115000 Website- www.basf.comDr. Kurt Bock (Chairman & CEO)
  7. 7. Founded in 1806 Boston 5th rank in North America Mfg. Paints & Coating Leading Supplier of decorative coatings in China Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Valspar unveiled 1st coating for wood, cont.- Provide clear finish when exposed to water Haryana, India 133001 6. Valspar Paint Mr. Gary E. Hendrickson (Chairman & CEO) Employees- Upto 10000 Website-
  8. 8. Founded in 1918 Amagasaki, Japan Most popular manufacturer of Paints & Coatings Supply products across all industrial sectors Headquarters in Osaka, Japan Develop Eco and people friendly products Haryana, India 133001 7. Kansai Paint Mr. Yuzo Kawamori (President & Director) Employees- Upto 12000 Website-
  9. 9. Founded in 1910 Baar, Switzerland Subsidiaries in 84 Countries 160 Manufacturers across the World Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland Registered 73 patents 600+ Brands in use include SikaFlex, SikaTeck Haryana, India 133001 8. Sika AG Mr. Paul Johann Halg (Chairman) Employees- Upto 16000 Website-
  10. 10. Founded in 1974 Medina, Ohio Manufacturer high-performance coatings 93 manufacturing facilities across 23 countries Headquarters in Medina, Ohio, US Products sold in 150+ Countries and Territories Haryana, India 133001 9. RPM International Mr. Frank C. Sullivan (Chairman & CEO) Employees- Upto 10500 Website-
  11. 11. Founded in 1881 Osaka, Japan 1st Japan manufacturing company Asia’s No.1 Paint Company Headquarters in Osaka, Japan Nippon Paint has 126 years old company Services present in Japan, China, India, Italy etc. Haryana, India 133001 10. Nippon Paint Mr. Kenji Sakai (President & Representative Director) Employees- Upto 5000 Website-
  12. 12. Haryana, India 133001 Haryana, India 133001