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Making digital collaboration "more betterer"


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A presentation on the underlying issues facing digital architectural collaboration and seven principles that are intended to improve it.

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Making digital collaboration "more betterer"

  1. 1. Making digital collaboration “more betterer” Simple views onto complex problems David Harrison
  2. 2. more betterer Used when someone running a project or task needs to explain to people he is answerable to, who don't have the skills or knowledge to understand what is going on, that the project is still at an early stage (prototype or rough cut) and will significantly improve in quality of appearance and content by the time it is finished. This is the initial look and feel which is very rough but we are going to spoodle it all up and make it more betterer before we finish.
  3. 3. Digital collaboration Architecture is an could be “more betterer” outcome-centric industry
  4. 4. Writing board with an architectural drawing New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1550–1295 B.C Burj Dubai St Paul’s Cathedral Adrian Smith, (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill), 2009 Sir Christopher Wren, 1673 We have developed a rich visual vocabulary for communication but lack similar experience in the field of digital collaboration Images
  5. 5. What has changed about architectural collaboration?
  6. 6. What has changed about architectural collaboration?
  7. 7. Digital collaboration has shifted our perceptions + increased the volume, frequency & speed we can exchange data
  8. 8. I am not interested in “long term” (hypothetical) digital collaboration ...but it is pretty....
  9. 9. I am interested in real world collaboration (First Life) ...which unlike this image is not nearly as sexy....
  10. 10. Ah, that’s better.... ...managed chaos, uncontrolled order, or a bit of both?
  11. 11. Building Information Models Or so we are led to believe result in better digital collaboration
  12. 12. BIM is not a golden bullet Controlled Complicated Computer-centric Centrally managed Costly to produce + maintain ...and difficult to interpret without a face
  13. 13. Frequently Exchanged File Formats Factors Impacting Data Sharing: Total Respondents Reinventing Collaboration Across Internal & External Project Teams Interoperability in the Construction Industry Patrick Aragon, 2006 Adobe Systems SmartMarket Report, 2007 McGraw Hill Construction BIM Demand by Firms SmartMarket Report, 2007 McGraw Hill Construction As a digital collaboration tool BIM does not address industry issues
  14. 14. Gartner Group, 2006 Why the need for digital Principles are decision aids collaboration principles? in a rapidly moving environment
  15. 15. Digital collaboration principles assist: Team, client & vendor relationships, tools development and business planning
  16. 16. 1. Simplicity Collaboration is hard enough 2. Ubiquity without technology barriers
  17. 17. 3. Decentralisation Scaling efficiently and quickly is 4. Modular design key to long-term success Image
  18. 18. 5. Information awareness Too much data will always 6. Context sensitivity plague digital collaboration
  19. 19. People, processes and 7. Evolutionary semantics architecture change over time
  20. 20. Highly connected data will The Project Information Cloud increase the overall knowledge of the project team
  21. 21. Conclusions We lack a vocabulary for digital architectural collaboration This vocabulary needs to be evolutionary not revolutionary BIM is a productive tool, but it does not address collaboration issues The seven principles proposed will help establish the Project Information Cloud