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Impress Your Family By Quitting Smoking For Good


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Impress Your Family By Quitting Smoking For Good

  1. 1. Impress Your Family By Quitting Smoking For GoodNow, everyone knows that smoking causes many health risks, but it may still be hard to quit.Even if youre strong and extremely dedicated, you still sometimes need a little help to get ontrack. The tips in this article will help you have an easier time quitting.When you feel like you need to smoke, try the delay tactic. Wait 10 minutes while distractingyourself in the meantime, and you will usually find the craving has passed. If you still feel theurge, try to keep distracting yourself for 10 minute increments to put off smoking for as longas possible.Write down a mantra for why you are quitting. Keep these reasons in mind every time youare losing your motivation until the cravings go away. This can take your mind off yourwithdrawals, and keep it on other positive things that will help get you through this short, yetdifficult period.If you are attempting to quit smoking, you should always aim to get lots of sleep. If your bodyis feeling extremely tired, you shouldnt fight it. Some people trying to quit have found thatsleeping allows time to progress faster. Extra sleep can also help your body heal itself.It may be helpful to switch cigarette brands when you are considering quitting smoking. Gowith a cigarette that does not taste very good. Smoke them as you would your normal brandand inhale them the same. You will enjoy smoking less. This will help you in your efforts toquit.If you feel you are about to crack, call someone who has already quit for encouraging wordsof support. Whether it may be a family member or a friend, open up and share what you feelregarding the temptation you are experiencing. Not only is the time spent talking a greatdistraction until the temptation to smoke passes, it is always comforting to know you are notfighting this battle alone.Counseling could provide the boost you need to stop smoking. There are sometimesemotional factors influencing people to smoke. Once you clear up these problems, youll bebetter able to quit. If this is a strategy that you think would work for you, make anappointment to speak with your primary care physician for a referral to a counselor who canhelp.damp cigaretter Some smokers find cutting back on smoking is a good start. Taking gradualsteps is a great way to help achieve your long-term goals of quitting. Wait as long as possibleto have your first cigarette in the morning. Try smoking just half a cigarette when you dosmoke to cut down a little at a time.e cigaretter elektrisk cigaret Quitting smoking is hard work, though the benefits that you will
  2. 2. gain in terms of your social life, appearance and your overall health will be worth it. Afterreading this article, you hopefully feel stronger, more confident and more able to quit. Choosea tip that resonates with you and experiment with using it right away.