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High tech ways to locate luggage


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There is no sugar coating it: losing your luggage is the pits. Misplaced baggage adds unwelcome stre...

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High tech ways to locate luggage

  1. 1. High tech ways to locate luggage There is no sugar coating it: losing your luggage is the pits. Misplaced baggage adds unwelcome stress to the beginning or end of your vacation. Now, thanks to high tech tags and mobile apps, there are ways that you can be notified when gps tracker someone has found your missing bag. While these gadgets and systems may not help prevent lost luggage, they may speed to process of tracking down misplaced bags. Trakdot Luggage Tracker The battery-powered device, which can fit in the palm of your hand, was introduced by GlobaTrac at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). When placed in your luggage, Trakdot gives you information about the whereabouts of your bag through text message, e-mail or the Trakdot mobile app. It will be available in April 2013. Suggested retail price: $49.95. There is also a $8.99 activation fee and an annual service fee of $12.99. QR codes FinderCodes has a whole line of tags that use QR (Quick Response) codes. The idea is that the finder of the lost item can scan the QR code using their smartphone or enter an additional code online, and the owner of the item will be alerted that gps online it has been found. Dynotags can be used in a similar fashion. FinderCodes Travel Lost and Found Kit: $24.99; Dynotag Internet/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Luggage Tags (2 Luggage Tags with Chains): $14.95 Other tracking tags
  2. 2. Another popular lost luggage system is i-TRAK. As with the QR tags, you register your items and attach the tag. The finder contacts i-TRAK online, via email, phone or airline internal telex system, and you are sent a notification. i-TRAK travel pack (two sets of luggage tags, seven micro labels): $19.99 Fly Delta app With Delta's mobile app, you can track your checked luggage like you would track a package. This can help ease your worries if you are standing at the baggage carousel and you don't see your suitcase. The app is free, but checking a bag on a domestic flight will cost you $25.