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ZMPCZM016000.12.13 Hip Electrode placement chart


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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ZMPCZM016000.12.13 Hip Electrode placement chart

  1. 1. 9990 Park Meadows Drive Lone Tree,CO 80124 USA (Phone) +1.303.703.4906 (Fax) +1.303.867.3927 Hip Procedure Electrode Placement Chart Please note the following: 1. Your TENS unit has 2 lead wires. 2. Connect the lead wires to opposite electrodes as shown on the diagram so that they cross and form an“X”over the surgical site. 3. Disregard the lead wire colors (red and black). It doesn’t matter what color is on top or bottom. Make sure that you connect the electrodes diagonally.
  2. 2. 9990 Park Meadows Drive Lone Tree,CO 80124 USA (Phone) +1.303.703.4906 (Fax) +1.303.867.3927 Hip Procedure Electrode Placement Chart There are two types of nerve fibers that come into play:large nerve fibers,and small nerve fibers.Pain signals travel along small nerve fibers.The large nerve fibers are also known as the nociceptive fibers, because they do not transmit pain.The electrode transmits electrical currents along these fibers.The TENS unit works by preventing these small nerve fibers from reaching the brain by stimulating the large nerve fibers.The large nerve fibers "close the gate" in the spinal cord, thus giving pain relief.This is the basis of the "gate control theory of pain" whereby nociceptive fibers can interfere with signals from pain fibers,thereby inhibiting pain. ELECTRODE PLACEMENT Place the electrode pads so that they form a box around the surgical site. When connecting the wires from the control unit to the electrodes,always form an“X”over the surgical site by using a diagonal connection as illustrated above.Always be sure that the control unit is turned off before connecting, disconnecting,repositioning the wires to the unit or electrodes,or changing the batteries. ADJUSTMENT CONTROL Adjust the two control knobs on the top of the ValuTENS II to the level of highest i ntensity without causing discomfort.As the battery begins to lose power the control setting may have to be increased accordingly.The controls in the battery compartment have been preset for the recommended levels and should not be touched: 1. The mode switch should be set to“M” 2. The timer switch should be set at“C.” 3. Pulse Width should be set at“150.” 4. Pulse Rate should be set at“70.” Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.I have listed my mobile phone on the top of the page for your convenience.If I am unable to answer your call immediately,please leave a message so I may address your concerns as soon as possible.