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ZMPCHW070000.12.02 Quick reference guide


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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ZMPCHW070000.12.02 Quick reference guide

  1. 1. What comes with your WiTouchrM Pro? . . r o . . 1 Size#0 Phillips head screwdrivertool r 1 Storage Box r '1 User Manual . l0uickStartGuide 1 Holl,rivog@WiTouch Pro device 1 Hollywog@WiTouch Pro remote control 1 Package Hollywog@ WiTouch gel pads (5 pair) 2 AAA alkaline batteries 1CR2032lithium battery (installed in remote) Operate your WiTouch Pro 1. Prepare the treatment area by washing and drying the skin thoroughly. Excessive hair should be trimmed (N0T shaved), and the treatment area should be void of oils and/or lotions. DO N0T apply the main device over broken skin. 2. Remove battery cover from WiTouch Pro device with included screwdriver tool and insert {2) AAA batteries noting correct +/polarity and replace cover. 7 Remove green liners from gel pads by slowly peeling the liner f rom one inside corner towards the outside corner of the electrode area and apply WiTouch Pro device 0n the back over area of pain, aligning the center of the unit with the 1 .El spine. D0 NOT activate stimulation of the device prior to application of the device to the back. 3. Press and hold the 0N/0FF button on the WiTouch Pro device for one (1) second. The LED will begin blinking green once every two {2 seconds). Your WiTouch Pro device is now 0N and ready for use. 4. Remove clear battery insulation tab from the remote control to activate Press and hold STABT/STOP button 0n remote control momentarily t0 start treatment stimulation mode. 0n the WiTouch Pro device, the LED will now begin blinking green very rapidly for the duration of the treatment battery. Discard clear tab. F{' g,t G.t,i- i.( E 3,'-b .. - 5. Remove two {2) WiTouch gel pads from package and separate the pads at the Press INCBEASE INTENSITY (+) button t0 increase stimulation intensitV to a comfortable level perforation in the liner Remove blue liners from gel pads by peeling away the folded edges of the liners. Align the shape of the gel pad to match the shape of the black electrode area, and apply gel pads to WiTouch l{0TE: The stimulation treatment will automatically stop after 30 minutes. To start a new treatment, repeat step B. The Hollywog WiTouch Pro device will turn ofl after two {2) hours of inactivity. To turn on tho dovino ronort clon ? Pro device. Firmly press the gel onto the electrode across the entire surface 0f the gel pad to ensure good adhesion. D0 NOT remove green liners during this step. *|3a. @ and 02012 H0 lywog. LLC. A I Fights Reseryed Patent Pending
  2. 2. rffioudf'Pro 0uick Start Guide Congratu|ationsonyourpurchaseoftheHol|rTrrvog@WiTouchProdevice'Hol|ywogWiTouch ProisthefirstwireIessremotecontrolledpainreliefdeviceincorporatingTENStechno|ogy tospecifica||ytargetbacKparn.Thethinandf|exib|edesignperfectlycontoul.stheb::|for providing electronics design maximizes energy use' maximum surface c0ntact. rr'tt uouuntto Thisinnovativedeviceissafe'drug- over'15030-mtnute,|.r*t,nf""ionsperbatterylife you t0 control t0 wear, and most importantly allows free, easy t0 use, discreet & comfortabre lifestyle your pain t0 maintain an active Get started in a few easY stePs This0uickStartGuidegivesyouthebasicstouseyourWiTouchPro'|tWilIintroduceyout0 get started with your paln relief treatment' the features and explain how to Learn more PleasereadtheUserManualforcomp|eteinformationonyourWiTouchPro.TheUserManuaI use, contraindications, precauttons, Warnlngs, includes detaiIed informatton on intended operationandmaIntenanc.otyou,WiTouchPro.ForadditionaIsupport,visitwww'ho||ywog. as: com/ for informatton sucn . PDFversion of the User Manual . Tutorial videos . Frequentlv Asked 0uestions Caution:Federa||aw[USA]restrictsthisdevicetosalebyOrontheorderofapractitioner 0r order the use of the irr*rJ nv if,]t law of ihe Siate in which he/she practices to use devtce.Useandapp|icatronofthisdeviceistobeconsideredandadvisedbythelicensed f oractitioner prior to prescribing the device' Get to know Your WiTouch Pro Electrode Areas + Button: Starts stimulation and Increases stimulation intensitY START/STOP Button: Starts and stops treatment ON/OFF B utton I - Button: decreases stimulation lntensttY stimulation intensity + Button: nc reases stimulation intensity