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Bioback clinical presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Bioback clinical presentation

  1. 1. Bio-Back Lumbar Orthosis The most comfortable name in back pain relief Painezee | Juno Pharm | Office #402, Manjeera Majestic Commercial, JNTU – Hitech City Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500085 Andhra Pradesh India
  2. 2. What is Bio-Back The Bio-Back provides an effective, non invasive and drug free new tool for treating low back pain. The Bio-Back is clinically proven to reduce the activity and strain on key endurance muscle groups in the lower back, including the vitally important Multifidus muscles. Current medical literature indicates that focusing on improvement of the endurance and static holding capacity of the spinal muscle groups during activity Painezee | static holding capacity of the spinal muscle groups during activity is vital for managing low back pain. The Bio-Back reduces the load on each of the pain sensitive structures, including the discs and joints, and automatically promotes a more neutral spine posture to relieve pain and encourage proper body mechanics, thereby restoring function. Improving posture and restoring function is a crucial component of any rehabilitation or treatment for low back pain.
  3. 3. Features • CE Marked and Registered Class I “Non-Invasive” medical device from FDA. • Innovative and revolutionary device that combines the architecture of a Counter-Force design as well as a Lumbar Dome that nestles into the small of the back. • Clinical studies were show to actually relax back muscles Painezee | • Clinical studies were show to actually relax back muscles by an average of 46%. • Aligns and supports a proper posture which makes this device great for not only pain relief but also pain prevention. • Non-restrictive and lightweight design that allows the wearer to not only wear it while doing any activity (travel, workout, play golf, and even sleep in it!) • Can be worn discreetly under clothing.
  4. 4. Bio-Back’s Counter Force Design Bio-Back's patented bilateral opposing forces design makes it stand alone in the world of back pain relief. There is literally no other product like it. The bilateral Painezee | other product like it. The bilateral opposing force creates an ergonomically healthy balance in your spine and improves your posture. The Bio-Back alleviates your pain by reducing the strain on key endurance muscles in the lower back.
  5. 5. Bio-Back’s Lumbar Dome Bio-Back's patented Lumbar Dome helps support healthy posture, reduces disc compression in the lower back, Painezee | compression in the lower back, and improves mobility. This adds up to a healthier, more active, pain free back.
  6. 6. Medical conditions that can be treated: • Strain/sprains of the lower back • Ruptured, Herniated, Bulging, Prolapsed disc conditions • Unstable joint mechanical conditions in the lower back • Weak or de-conditioned lower back spinal muscles Inflammatory arthritic conditions of the spine Painezee | • Inflammatory arthritic conditions of the spine • Degenerative disc and joint disease • Spondylolisthesis and Spondylolsis • Osteoporosis conditions of the spine • Mechanical low back pain
  7. 7. Bio-Back Clinical Studies • Independent clinical studies have utilized EMG activity to evaluate the Bio-Back's clinical efficacies. The study demonstrated that use of a Bio-Back orthosis in the standing anatomically neutral position, tensioned to sixteen pounds, reduced the activity of the longissimus at L4 by an average of 52% and the multifidus at L4 by an average of 37% when compared to not wearing the orthosis.37% when compared to not wearing the orthosis. • Overall, this would indicate that the employment of the Bio-Back orthosis reduces the L4 muscular activity approximately 44%. No particular relationship was made at this time between the age or the BMI of the subjects tested and the percentage of decrease in muscle activity in either muscle. Thus, it was concluded in this limited study that the percentage of muscular activity reduction is a unique function of the individual. • For additional information about our clinical studies, please contact our Sales Representative.
  8. 8. Real-World Studies Twenty nine symptomatic patients who used the Bio- Back for various lengths of time were asked to respond to a series of questions regarding their personal experience:their personal experience: •78% reported pain relief •73% reported pain prevention •7% reported a decrease in consumption of opioids •84% would recommend the Bio-Back.
  9. 9. Bio-Back - Patient Benefits • Decreases lower back pain. • Decreases inflammatory reaction. • Decreases intervertebral and joint pressure in the lower back region. • Promotes core stability and neutral spine posture. Painezee | • Promotes core stability and neutral spine posture. • Increases lower back range of motion. • Helps to stabilize lower back while in an injured state. • Clinically proven to decrease Multifidi activity, enabling lower back pain sufferers to pursue the activities of daily living with less back pain.
  10. 10. Benefits for the Medical Provider • Your patients will wear it: Unlike other supports, Bio-Back is simple, light-weight, comfortable and nearly invisible when worn under clothing. This makes the Bio-Back a truly unique lumbar orthotic. You can feel confident knowing that your patients will wear it, resulting in improved compliance and functional outcomes. • Your patients will remember you for it: When you provide Painezee | • Your patients will remember you for it: When you provide the Bio-Back to your chronic back pain patients, it provides non-restrictive support between your adjustments, allowing them to live a more active lifestyle. Your patients will share their story, generating new referrals for your practice. • No need to stock multiple sizes: Bio-Back's adjustable straps fit 22" to 50" waist sizes and larger straps can be provided to accommodate patients with up to a 78" waist size.
  11. 11. A unique and effective solution for your patient's back pain. When you prescribe the Bio-Back: • Your patients can participate more effectively in rehabilitation or exercise programs. Painezee | rehabilitation or exercise programs. • Your patients will recover more quickly from injury. • Your patients will be grateful to you for providing them the ability to live a more active lifestyle and perform the activities they love without fear of back pain!
  12. 12. Questions? Painezee | Questions? Tel: +91 90300 22402 For detailed Technical Presentation and Clinical Trial Reports for various medical conditions, please contact our Representative.