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Acti patch presentation for detailing to doctors


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Acti patch presentation for detailing to doctors

  1. 1. Breakthrough Pain Management Advanced Technology to Reduce Pain and Inflammation Juno Pharm | Office #402, Manjeera Majestic Commercial, JNTU – Hitech City Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500085 Andhra Pradesh India
  2. 2. Clinically Proven Pain Therapy Traditional Technology ActiPatch® Technology Clinician administered Large bulky equipment Required multiple office visits Patient administered Small, light, inexpensive and portable Superior pain therapy with extended relief Low cost Juno Pharm|
  3. 3. PULSED SHORTWAVE THERAPY Historical Use of Pulsed Shortwave Therapy Physicians, sports trainers, and therapist around the world have used pulsed shortwave therapy in clinics successfully for more than eighty years to reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healing. Pain and inflammation are the first phase of healing, the devices stimulate the injured cells and apply heat to push through the pain and inflammation phase of healing. New Advanced Therapy Our technology is the miniaturization of the pulsed shortwave therapy machines to a wafer thin portable devices that are applied directly to the body. The devices consist of a microchip, battery and antenna that deliver the therapy. The extended duration dual therapy of heat and electric restoration is significantly safer and more effective than pain medications, heat and cold pads or the larger therapist operated devices. Juno Pharm |
  4. 4. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Medical Device The wire antenna of our medical devices deliver an electromagnetic field into the bodies soft tissue. This generates both an electromagnetic and electrical field in the target tissue. The induced electrical field is therapeutic. Normal body and cell functioning is dependent on electrical charge. The electrical field generated by the medical device works with the body to How the ActiPatch Works generated by the medical device works with the body to resolve inflammation, reduce pain, promote healing and restore normal tissue function. Inflamed Injured Tissue Healthy Tissue Juno Pharm |
  5. 5. Skin Soft tissue Bone The pulsed shortwave radiofrequency electromagnetic field emitted by RecoveryRx is able to penetrate the skin (and wound dressing) and deliver the electromagnetic therapy into the underlying soft tissue to the site of pain and inflammation. ActiPatch: Biodynamic Therapy ActiPatch Two fields are produced in the soft tissue, an electromagnetic filed (H) and an electric field (E). Juno Pharm |
  6. 6. A traditional Diapulse delivering 30min With Actipatch, PEMF therapy is now a: - Economical home based therapy for pain or wound care. - Easily incorporated into wound dressing protocol - Delivers effective therapy to the site of pain and inflammation ActiPatch Innovation x 2 daily required treatments, And BioElectronics ActiPatch PEMF device incorporated into the wound dressing giving continuous 24hr home based therapy Juno Pharm |
  7. 7. The significant advantage of PEMF’s is the ability to penetrate into soft tissue, generating the therapeutic H and E fields at the site of pain and tissue inflammation. Most therapies that use electrical stimulation work only on the superficial skin layers (TENS), which is also The ActiPatch Advantage on the superficial skin layers (TENS), which is also true for externally applied heat therapies. ActiPatch is a localized therapy is sensation free, and has no known side effects. Can be used alongside standard systemic drug therapies, physiotherapy and wound dressings Juno Pharm |
  8. 8. ActiPatch® Product Portfolio Clinically Tested – Patented Technology – Doctor Recommended • Back Pain • Neck & Shoulder • Knee Pain • Heel Pain • Multi Pain Juno Pharm |
  9. 9. How can the ActiPatch® be attached to the body? Juno Pharm |
  10. 10. What can the ActiPatch® be used for? Back Pain Knee Pain Real Pain Relief Wrist/Elbow Pain Heel Pain •Back spasms •General Knee Pain •Neck pain •Muscle Pain •Plantar fasciitis Center the device over the source of your pain and wear the ActiPatch® until your pain and swelling are gone. For maximum relief wear the ActiPatch continuously for 24 hours a day until healed, minimum 8 hours or overnight. The ActiPatch® products can be turned on and off as needed. Juno Pharm | fasciitis •Backaches •Runners Knee •Shoulder pain •Tennis Elbow •Heel injuries •Back Arthritis •Back Arthritis •Arthritis •Hand Injuries •Heel spurs •Sleeping Back Pain Problems •Jumpers Knee •Tendonitis •Knee Arthritis Essentially anywhere on the body using medical adhesives as an attachment method. •Sore heels
  11. 11. Questions?Questions? Juno Pharm | Tel: +91 90300 22402 For detailed Technical Presentation and Clinical Trial Reports for various medical conditions, please visit or contact our Representative.