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National Art Education Association Conference Presentation

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Naea 2013 ppt

  1. 1. ecting Com munities Connwith Chopsticks e Arts ese Culture through thCelebrating Chin Studentswit h Teachers and ation Association2013 N ational Art EducNatio nal Convention ~ March 7, 2013 Fort Worth, TX
  2. 2. Paige Vitu lli, Ph.D. iversity of Sou th Alabama Un College of Education dupv itulli@southalabama.e t of sor in the Departmen •Assistant Profes ucationLeadership and Teacher Ed ector n Gra nt Assistant Dir •Arts in Educatio SA cation courses in the U •Teach arts edu ation College of Educ
  3. 3. cting Communities with Conne ChopsticksInfuse your teaching with increased cultural awareness and subsequent appreciation for Asian fine and performing arts through hands-on projects for students
  4. 4. Blog SitePaige and Peggys Excellent Chinese Adventure
  5. 5. r “Excellen t Chinese Blog Stats for ou nture” as o f 03/07/13Adve •7734 Page Views •111 Posts •61 Published Comments Pageviews today 14 Pageviews yesterday 68 Pageviews last month 501 Pageviews all time history 7,734
  6. 6. g Post Them es Emerged BloWhile Traveling Upon Return•Universities •Art Production•Gardens Workshops•Tourist Sites •Local Asian Events•Transportation•Food •Asian News•People •Cooking•Children •Recipes•Shoes
  7. 7. nese Cultur e for Kids Chi Peggy Delmas and Paige VitulliAssistant Professors in Leadership and Teacher Education at the University of South Alabama
  8. 8. Chines e Culture Teachers ional Development forProfess Paige Vitulli, Arts Education Assistant Professor Kim Mitchell, Carnegie Museum Education Curator Jeannette Fresne, Music Associate Professor and Arts in Education Program Director
  9. 9. Calligraphy• html Harmony, Peace, Destiny Discovery School: The Chinese Art of Calligraphy Lesson Plan
  10. 10. Canvases and EaselsMini
  11. 11. aphy on Mini CanvasesCalligr
  12. 12. Chine se Lanternson the G rand Canal Venice of China
  13. 13. er Lantern ProductionPap
  14. 14. er Lantern Resources Chinese PapHow to Make a Chinese Paper Lantern, Martha StewartVideo• Lanterns Lesson Plans:•••
  15. 15. Terra Cot ta Warriors• 12/05/terra-cotta-warriors.html
  16. 16. a Warrdel ragProduction ott yola MoioM icTerra C with Cra
  17. 17. Thank You NAEA! Twitter: @PaigeVitulli Facebook: PaigeVitulli Blogs: Pondering Paige•Questions?• Paige and Peggy’s Excellent ChineseIdeas Adventure•Discussion Vitulli & Santoli: Eyes on Ireland Wikis: Art Talk Art at the Heart of Social Studies