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Institutional research


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G321 Media
Horror Studios

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Institutional research

  1. 1. Hammer Studios              Hammer films is a film production company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1934. They made a lot of interesting films form the 50s to the 70s. They have created 91 films and 90 of these have been released on DVD. 14 of these 91 films have been released on Blu-Ray. Gothic „Hammer Horror‟ films were made from the mid 1950s until the 1970s. Hammer studios also produced science fiction films, thrillers, comedies and film noirs. During its most successful years, Hammer dominated the Horror film market. It had worldwide distribution and considerable financial success. The success was due, in part, to distribution partnerships with major united states studios, such as Warner Bros. John de Mol, who announced plans to spend £25million ($50million) on new Horror films. The new owners also acquired the Hammer group‟s film library, consisting of 295 movies. Simon Oakes, who took over as CEO of Hammer said, “Hammer is a great British brand- we intend to take it back into production and develop its global potential. The brand is still alive but no one has invested in it for a long time.” Since then it has produced the feature films „Let Me in‟ (2010), „The Resident‟ (2011) and „The Woman in Black‟ (2012).
  2. 2. Filmography „The Curse of Frankenstein‟  „Dracula‟  „The Mummy‟  „Frankenstein‟  „Dracula 2‟  „The Mummy 2‟  „Cave girls‟  „The lost continent‟  „Fanatic‟  „The Nanny‟  „Crescendo‟  „Straight on till Morning‟  „Fear in the Night‟  „Maniac‟ And many more 
  3. 3. Twisted Pictures          Twisted Pictures is an American independent production company, mainly creating films of the Horror genre. The company was founded in 2004 by Evolution Entertainment‟s Mark Burg. Oren Koules and Gregg Hoffman. They are best known for producing the „Saw‟ film series. Twisted pictures was formed after the box office success of „Saw‟ in 2004, which lead to nine-picture distribution deal with Lionsgate. The company went on to produce six sequels in the „Saw‟ film series. Carl Mazzocone served as president for four years. In June 2007, the company formed a joint venue with RKO pictures to remake four films out of the RKO library. The remakes include, „Five come back‟ (1939), „I walked with a Zombie‟ (1943), „The Body snatcher‟ (1945) and „Bedlam‟ (1946). In October 2009, Twisted pictures landed a deal with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre rights-holders Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel. The deal was for multiple films.
  4. 4. Filmography               „Saw‟ „Saw II‟ „Saw III‟ „Saw IV‟ „Saw V‟ „Saw VI‟ „Saw 3D‟ „Catacombs‟ „Dead Silence‟ „Repo! The Genetic Opera‟ „The Tortured‟ „Mothers Day‟ „Chain Letter‟ „Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D‟
  5. 5. Dimension Films      Dimension films is a major American film production and distribution studio. It was formerly owned by the Walt Disney studios but now is owned by the Weinstein company. It was formerly used as Bob Weinstein‟s label within Miramax films, to produce and release genre films. It was founded in 1992 in Burbank, California by Bob Weinstein to distribute Horror films, but was expanded to release other genres. The studio founded success in the earlier years releasing films such as, „Scream‟, „the Faculty‟, „Scary movie‟, „Dracula 2000‟, „Scary Movie 3‟, „The Brothers Grimm and „The Amityville Horror‟.
  6. 6. Filmography „Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth‟  „Godzilla vs. Biollante‟  „Children of the Corn II: the final sacrifice‟  „The legend‟  „Fortress‟  „Gunmen‟  „The crow‟  „Highlander: the final dimensions‟  „The road killers‟  „The prophecy‟  „Halloween” the curse of Michael Myers‟  „Crime story‟  „Scream‟  „From dusk till dawn‟  „Hellraiser: Bloodline‟  „Scream 2‟  „Phantoms‟  „Nightwatch‟  „Scream 3‟  „Scary movie‟  „Scary Movie 2‟  „Halloween: Resurrection‟  „The Hole‟ And many more 
  7. 7. New line Cinema New line Film productions Inc., often referred to as New line cinema is an American film studio. It was founded in 1967 by Robert Shaye as a film distribution company, later becoming an independent film studio. It became a subsidiary first of Turner Broadcasting, then Time Warner in 1996 and was merged with larger sister studio Warner Bros in 2008. New line cinema‟s most grossed film is „Lord of the rings: the return of the King‟.     Filmography    „A Nightmare on Elm street‟ „A Nightmare on Elm street 2‟ „Nightmare 3‟
  8. 8. Blumhouse Productions    Blumhouse productions was founded and is run by Jason Blum. Blumhouse produce low-budget genre movies like the Paranormal activity, Insidious and Sinister franchises. Blumhouse's highly profitable credits began with Paranormal activity which was made for $15,000. The film was released by Paramount pictures and grossed over $193million worldwide. Filmography          „Paranormal activity‟ „Paranormal activity 2‟ „Paranormal activity 3‟ „Paranormal activity 4‟ „Paranormal activity 5‟ „Paranormal activity: The marked ones‟ „The Purge‟ „Sinister‟ „Insidious: Chapter 2‟