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Bronx michael<3


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losing my dog was the hardest thing to endure. Here is our story<3

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Bronx michael&lt;3

  1. 1. Rest In Paradise My  Sweet Bronx I will see you againA short life but a long fight.
  2. 2. Brought Into Rescue February 14, 2011
  3. 3. Bronx and his 5 litter mates were brought in verysick. They were taken out of a home Where theirlast litter mate died of starvation. They wereliving on wood chips in a 9 square foot area,sitting in there own urine and feces.That was alsotheir only food source. Only 6 weeks old andalready a life of misery.
  4. 4. Taken to the vet and diagnosed with Parvo.Treatment started immediately.
  5. 5. Kassidy Kassidy was more  lucky of the pups, crazy right? She didnt  have any symptoms  other than severe  hunger and malnutrition, bending her joints and bones.  
  6. 6. Nevin Nevin, also on the  lucky side, was near death from starvation.  Like Kassidy, his legs  are severely  malformed due to  malnutrition.
  7. 7. Delaney Very Sick, lethargic,  and overall slipping away. Parvo taking its toll on her poor body.  Delaney passed away  2/19/2011 Parvo took her life.
  8. 8. Fallon Unfortunately Followed her sisters  path to rainbow  bridge on 2/21/2011
  9. 9. Even when you start treatment for parvo,nothing is ever guaranteed, most diagnosednever make it. The treatment is costly and harshespecially on little babies like these.
  10. 10. Ashlynn Ashlynn and Bronx were  hospitalized for 6 days in a last  ditch effort to save their lives.  During which time they had  constant fluids. Ashlynn wasnt  showing improvement and had to  endure an intussusception to remove 8 inches of her intestines, 4  of which were already dead. Her  intestines were telescoping inside  of each other, only to be fixed by the surgery. She came home 2 days  afterward.
  11. 11. Bronx Bronx started  responding to treatment and was  sent home on less extensive treatment
  12. 12. Kassidy Got Adopted Perfect ending for this princess
  13. 13. Kassidy NowLiving her life like it’s nobody’s business!
  14. 14. Nevin Got Adopted Loved on forever!
  15. 15. Nevin NowPlaying with his sister with not a care in the world.
  16. 16. Bronx and Ashlynn Went Through it  All Togehter One step at a time
  17. 17. Both Made It Through Parvo Together
  18. 18. Ashlynn Got Adopted To a very good friend of ours
  19. 19. Ashlynn NowLiving a life of luxury and pain free in her dream home!
  20. 20. After Everything Me and My Mom  Adopted Bronx I got to have my Dream Dog!
  21. 21. My Pride and JoySince Day one I was in love. He was truly perfectand everything I ever wanted. I never knew whatwe had in store. For 11 months he was a spunkypuppy, who urinated and drank A LOT. But Hewas my baby. Ran many tests and was told hewas just a jerk, it wasnt a surprise with hisspunk!
  22. 22. He Fit In Perfectly
  23. 23. After continuing to have urinating issues withoutcontrol and constantly drinking water, he went toa specialist recommended by our vet! Newswasn’t good...
  24. 24. Bronx was diagnosed with renal(kidney) failureat only 13 months old.. We knew then that his lifespan was going to be shortened. Still I loved himmore. I wasn’t giving up and neither was he.Doing medication would only effect his kidneyseven more. So homeopathic treatment it was. Heate a raw diet and was on 6 organic supplements.This helped him tremendously!
  25. 25. Over the next 7 months the treatment lost it’saffect with Bronx. We tried adjusting to buymore time but it slowly became clear that he wastoo good for this planet...
  26. 26. True love will never die. That’s what we shareand will always hold.
  27. 27. On November 16, 2012 I said goodbye to my bestfriend and love. He helped me througheverything and I ill never forget that. His bodystarted shutting down, losing control of all bodilyfunctions, we made the decision to humanelyeuthanize.
  28. 28. He Taught Me to  Stand Tall and  Stay Strong  Despite the  Circumstance
  29. 29. Never Let Anyone  SeeYou Frown  Even At Your  Weakest
  30. 30. But Most of All He taught Me to Always Look Up
  31. 31. I will see you again Bronx, I am taking this timewithout you to use the lessons you taught me andsave more like you. I will have you with my in mythoughts, prayers, and in my heart. I love youblue, never forget that.