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Contents page


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Contents page

  1. 1. This is the first design of my contents page. The reason for redoing and changing my idea for this was because i believed the over all image looks very simplistic and basic which was not what i wanted to achieve. I thought the contents page let me down massively which was the reason for my change. I love and admire the image of my main model as I editted it on my favourite site Pic Monkey although that was the only reason I liked the overal image.
  2. 2. This is my finished product of my Contents Page
  3. 3. The text i included within my contents page was thin and black which i believe gives off a very sophisticated and high fashion look to my magazine. The contrasting monochrome colours tie in with my chosen colour scheme that makes my title appear old and recognisable to audience members that are familiar with my magazine. I chose to compare my text with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. I believe the text used here is very thick which i think represents more of a masculine effect which i don’t think is appropriate for a women’s fashion magazine, as viewers of my magazine may question which genre I am appealing to. The indication this is not a masculine magazine is the use of the bold pink colour scheme which i believe for females is extremely generic, to represent women with pink as it a stereotype many people associate with women. I am defying these stereotypes by challenging generic conventions of existing media products as i am appealing to the same genre and similar ages group although i am subverting the social stereotypes set on women by establishing a stylish and sophisticated magazine for women.
  4. 4. The content included in my magazine does utilise existing conventions of other fashion magazine. During my research and planning I had previously discover the 2011 Glamour article in which provided me with an essential technique on how to appeal to my audience. The inclusion of having all your texts sectioned off in one long column the text looks neat and effective as the audience can find it simplistic and understanding. I also discovered from this article the use of applying a section which featuring the information that was included on the front cover image. I thought this was a great idea for viewers of the front cover to identify a tag- line of the front cover that they admired or wanted to discover more information about and then be able to find it straightaway. By applying the section and the top of my other essential features i am appealing to my audience by using the information that intrigued them to purchase the magazine in the first place.
  5. 5. Although arguably you could question if I defied the generic conventions of almost all magazines as the example of Glamour includes all their text and title on the left side of the page which I have seen included in almost every magazine, because us as an audience begin to read from the left side of the page. Although i am subverting this by applying the text and title on the right side of the page, thus highlighting i am subverting the stereotypes of printed media, and approaching the layout of my magazine at a new fresh angle.
  6. 6. Another technique which i discovered during my research and planning was the element of colloquial language which adds an element of verisimilitude. I have seen this technique included in many fashion magazines in order to address the readers of your magazine, in order for them to feel as if they own an inclusion towards the magazine. By including words such as ‘you’ and ‘yourself’ makes the audience appear as if they are part of the magazine as it is addressing them as an individual rather than just another reader. By also including the section ‘local’ i am appealing to the regional element that was requested by the examiners. I also included the use of words like ‘shhh!!’ which adds a colloquial and conversational tone towards my magazine.
  7. 7. During my research and planning I did not discover any magazine in which promoted or featured advertisement for their online website. I thought including the link and information to my online fashion website on the contents page of my magazine would be the most appropriate section to feature this information. The technique I thought would be who better to visit my website than people who actually purchased my magazine, because including a digital content to the magazine will help publise my magazine and hopefully increase my readership. The information I included was intriguing and eye catching as I included offers from discount codes that they can gain when visiting the website. By including this section in my contents page i am able to say i have defied and subverted existing media products by included essential information that will intrigue my audience.
  8. 8. I gained the idea to include a mood board on the background of my image from discovering this contents page from Elle previously. I through the approach of including small images of fashion orientated images on to one big page looked appealing and effective. I have utilised existing media types in with my magazine by including these element and technique within my magazine. I thought the images i choose to included looked great and effective.