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Sikhism presentation


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Sikhism presentation for primary ed

Published in: Education
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Sikhism presentation

  1. 1. SIKHISM
  2. 2. What do they believe? • Sikhs believe in one God that guides and protects them – Guru Nanak • They believe that everyone is equal before God • Sikhism believes that it is better to do good actions rather than carrying out rituals
  3. 3. The way to lead a good life… 1. Serve others 2. Be generous to the less fortunate 3. Treat everyone equally 4. Live honestly and work hard 5. Keep God in heart and mind at all times
  4. 4. Guru Granth Sahib
  5. 5. Vaisakhi Festival • Vaisakhi celebrates the founding of the Khalsa and the New Year…
  6. 6. Diwali Diwali in Sikhism is a day of freedom, it celebrates several different events in Sikh history…
  7. 7. Maghi • This holiday remembers the sacrifice of a brave group of Sikhs
  8. 8. The 5 K’s 1. Kesh = uncut hair 2. Kara = a steel bracelet 3. Kanga = a wooden comb 4. Kachha = special underwear/pair of breeches 5. Kirban =a ceremonial sword
  9. 9. Sikh music •