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Paige Saez (old deck from 2009)


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An old deck that I put together while working at W+K in Portland, Oregon on me, my work and my interests regarding design/HCI

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Paige Saez (old deck from 2009)

  1. 1. Paige  Saez  2009        
  2. 2. I  am  par*cularly  interested  in  the  field  of  social  interac*on  design.  This  is  a  role  that  blends  tradi*onal  interac*on  design  with  ethnography  and  social  research  methods  
  3. 3. How  do  I  think?      (in  pictures  generally)    lots  of  them.        I  collect  images,  concepts  and  designs.  In  an  analy*cal/obsessive  fashion  I  write  lists,  make  drawings,  look  around  and  take  notes.  When  I  am  working  on  a  project  I  research  the  subject  maDer  and  problems  space  I  am  working  in.  The  amount  of  *me  I  can  get  to  do  this  is  dependant  on  clients,  deadlines,  and  a  bunch  of  other  factors  but  the  goal  is  the  same.  I  want  to  get  a  sense  of  the  context  around  what  I  am  thinking  about.        With  a  background  in  art  and  architecture,  the  process  of  sketching,  researching,  forming  a  structural  sense  of  what  I  am  aiming  towards  via  notes,  lists  and  concepts  is  a  preDy  hardwired  part  of  my  process.  I  keep  sketchbooks,  and  folders  of  research  into  subjects  with  the  goal  of  helping  my  clients  beDer  understand  the  landscape  of  their  goals.    
  4. 4. My  background  is  in  art  and  architecture  with  a  focus  on  collabora*on,  community  art  and  social  prac*ce.    I  studied  Video  and  Pain*ng  for  my  B.F.A,  Architecture  for  my  B.S.  and  Visual  Studies  and  Par*cipatory  Culture  for  my  M.F.A.      I  have  worked  at  homeless  shelters,  bicycle  coopera*ves,  bars,  universi*es  and  corpora*ons.  As  the  director  of  a  prominent  art  gallery  I  founded  an  ar*st  residency  program,  and  I  have  curated  for  two  galleries.    I  have  been  a  member  of  Red76art  group  for  the  last  9  years.  My  artwork  has  been  exhibited  in  Portland,  Los  Angeles,  New  York,  Miami,  Istanbul  and  Venice.      I  currently  work  at  Wieden  +Kennedy  in  Portland,  Oregon  as  a  strategic  planner.    
  5. 5. In  2005  I  did  a  project  called  LiDle  Ci*es.  Social  crea*vity  and  place-­‐making.  This  project  changed  the  way  I  thought  about  the  rela*onship  between  design,  crea*vity  and  collec*ve  agency.      
  6. 6. Since  2006  I  have  worked  in  social  media.  Focusing  on  loca*ve  media,  place-­‐making  and  community  building.      
  7. 7. I  make  books,  applica*ons,  photographs,  drawings.  Anything  to  document  my  thinking.  The  first  book  I  made  was  an  interac*ve  book.  Using  qr-­‐codes,  photographs  and  an  essay  I  described  my  feelings  on  tangible  memory  and  music.  
  8. 8. ReacDng  to  what  I  saw  as  a  personal  fe*shiza*on  with  the  intangible,  I  started  making  quilts,  cardboard  prototypes,  fake  wearable  computers.  I  realized  I  wanted  playfulness.        
  9. 9. In  this  role  I  write,  consult  and  work  with  designers  and  crea*ves  to  help  them  shape   their  projects  strategically  to  align  with  the  larger  business/campaign  goals.  Recently  I   wrote  a  60  page  report  on  the  future  of  mobile  shopping  technologies  with  the  aim  of   helping  Target  outline  their  go-­‐to-­‐market  strategy  for  the  coming  3  years.  I  read  up  on   the  psychology  of  shopping  and  consumer  culture,  current  trends  in  retail  experience   design,  e-­‐commerce,  supply  chain  technologies,  in-­‐home  technologies  and  mobile.  I   geared  the  report  towards  helping  them  understand  the  wants  and  needs  of  their   target  audience,  and  how  to  restructure  their  thinking  on  their  goals.  As  a  company   they  are  s*ll  very  brick-­‐and-­‐mortar  focused.  They  want  to  increase  trips  to  the  store   and  thus  increase  sales  in  a  given  demographic.  But  that  same  demographic  that  they   want  to  reach  is  more  reachable  outside  of  the  store  than  in.  I  presented  an   alterna*ve-­‐  bring  the  store  to  the  customer  as  opposed  to  the  customer  to  the  store.        Current  project  at  WK  Working  at  WK  for  the  last  year  my  work  has  shied  from  designer  to  researcher  and  strategist.    
  10. 10. I  work  frequently  with  Anselm  Hook,  a  hacker/developer  in  Palo  Alto,  California.  He  and  I  have  been  collabora*ng  for  3  years.  I  prefer  to  work  with  others,  instead  of  alone.  I  like  the  feedback,  the  give  and  take,  the  comraderie.    
  11. 11. Together  we  make  mobile  geoloca*on-­‐based  social  applica*ons  for  mobile  phones.  Whereis,  a  geoloca*onal  mapping  tool,  and  Imagewiki  a  way  to  create  physical  hyperlinks  or  ‘thinglinks’  in  the  real  world.    Both  applica*ons  focused  on  ge`ng  people  out  of  the  house  and  off  the  machine.    
  12. 12. Makerlab  Anselm  Hook  and  I  formed  a  group  called  Makerlab.  We  invited  others  to  join  us  and  many  did.  We  would  meet  every  Sunday  at  my  house,  discuss  readings,  collaborate  on  projects  and  cook  food  all  day  long.    
  13. 13. Makerlab  became  a  lot  of  things  to  a  lot  of  people.  Trying  to  find  a  way  to  create,  socially  was  the  goal.  We  wanted  code  sprints  that  would  turn  into  dance  par*es.  And  we  got  it.      
  14. 14. Makerlab  dinner  party  about  diy  wearable  compu*ng,  ea*ng  design  (different  aspects  of  maker  culture  coming  together)      
  15. 15. Everyday  Magic  (MFA  Thesis  2009)  Thesis  project,  thesis  thinking,  image,  cra,  collabora*on  and  reuse.  The  sense  of  autonomy,  ownership  of  pedagogical  models      
  16. 16. Everyday  Magic  was  my  MFA  Thesis  Paper.  Make  it  up  if  you  can’t  figure  it  out.  you  will  s*ll  learn  something.
  17. 17. Bothered,  Tethered  and  Willing  The  current  book,  November  2009  with  Amber  Case  and  Rebecca  Steele.  “So  much  of  what  we  do  online  is  invisible,  weightless.  We  have  moved  into  an  environment  which  is  robustly  connected  and  yet  floa*ng.  Each  string  that  connects  us  is  elas*c.”    
  18. 18.  I  don’t  have  all  the  answers.  
  19. 19. What  inspires  me?  Design  thinking,  crea*ve  commons,  art  collec*ves,  place-­‐making,  social  currency,  cyberne*cs,  cyborg  anthropology,  cra,  mobile  applica*on  design  for  problem  solving,  memory,  the  social  life  of  things.  The  sheer  possibility  of  what  can  be  done  with  communica*ve  and  collabora*ve  technologies  today.  
  20. 20. Future  Projects  I  am  eager  to  con*nue  collabora*ng  with  others.  Hoping  to  find  ways  to  talk  about  america,  new  kinds  of  economies,  maker  culture,  and  hacker  culture.    
  21. 21. Thank  you  hDp://  hDp://  hDp://  hDp://