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Media presentation

  1. 1. The media represents women in a sexualised manner. Through this essay the main focus will be an analysis of how women have been represented through the media. This essay will explore how women have been represented in adverts, film, magazines and TV news.
  2. 2. Magazines contain a range of representation of women. Within men’s magazines, women are presented as sexualised objects. Examples of women being presented this way can be seen in Nut, Zoo and Playboy magazines. The women are usually dressed to impress in minimal clothing and attract the male audience. Sometimes, the women are lying down and sitting provocatively on chairs. These magazines encourage younger men to also have unrealistic views of women. By men looking at these images, it presents a bad view of women as they end up being sexual objects. As a result, men want a girlfriend who has the same representation as the magazine. In women’s magazines, the main aim is to present information about dieting, fashion, make up and information on how to please a man. Again, this is to do with how men feel women should look like and be presented on a day-to-day basis. Men such as Rupert Murdoch own these magazines and this shows the male ideal view of women. Examples of magazines that present women as having to be skinny, pretty and the weaker sex include; Maine Claire, Tatler and Vogue. These magazines will advertise make up and fashionable clothing that is provocative, encouraging women to be attractive to men.
  3. 3. Men only see this view on women by how the magazine present itself. The magazine also leaves the male audience wanting more. The effect this magazine gives to men are that is how the human body of all women look like and should look like. The unrealistic view that they give to the male audience. This also show that the man only thinks they are an object and has no mind. Most of the women used has little or no clothing on. Also most of the women used are blonde, skinny and tall.
  4. 4. The women used in this magazine shows the women what she should be. Skinny Pretty Fashionable The magazine show celebrate that have been used to make women want to be them. The magazine air brushes the women, so she look better then she is. Air Brush picture Sexual way of clothing presenting. Showing parts of the body to show what you could look like The way that the main person in the magazine is standing shows her sexually.
  5. 5. Advertisements selling a range of products via billboards, TV adverts, magazines and poster, generally using women as the focus, are presented as an eye-catching prop. Usually, the representations of sexualised women are within car and deodorant advertisements. The women are used as props within the adverts. An example is the Lynx advert where all these beautiful women run towards the man because he is using lynx, which would therefore make him more attractive to women. Men would therefore want to buy this product after seeing women surrounding a geeky man because of the deodorant he is wearing.
  6. 6. Films contain a range of representation of women within each genre. The genres that contain the media presentation of women are horror, action and chick flicks. The representation within the film are to catch the minds of men. They used women's body's to attract the male audience. Within the film the acutest are mainly skinny, pretty and sexualise by men. Therefore horror movies represent women as the weaker sex by brutally killing within the film only at women. Where as men die quietly and not much pain. Most horror film show women in little or no clothing and many horror has shower scene within the film (nudity scene). Also action films use women as an object or there arm candy. As James bond film use skinny blonde or brunette women as his lovers. Most of the women used in the films are dressed seductively with skin tight revealing clothing.
  7. 7. Action films As this James Bond poster show James bond the main character with a young blond women. That has been sexual with hardly any clothes on. Also the women is sitting in a provocatively way what shows that they are lovers. This give the male point of view that women can only be one thing. A blond sexualised women that has been presented with little clothing on.
  8. 8. Action films This James bond poster also show the women being sexualise by the men but they use to male actor to sexualise her as the male audience want to be him because he gets all of the women. This poster uses a brunette women that is skinny and this show a men point of view not just on blond women but brunette too. Brunette women with no clothes on up close with the male actor being sexualised by the male and the audience views.
  9. 9. News and TV contain a range of representation of women. Women presenters are always up to their mid thirties and then leave because there not young any more. When men can present in till they are unable to work in there 60s. The women what have presented on news is to attract the male audience to watch the news for the women. The TV presenters are pretty and skinny. An example of a presenter is Ulrika Jonson, started off as a young presenter and as she became older people lost interest in her. The women presented in news stories are often reported for being brutally murdered or missing. Also when the presenters get old they get materials that make them look younger to keep there jobs within the media.
  10. 10. TV presenters She is more sexual as she was younger. Using the were she dressed, make up and men around her. The man embracing her. The colours she uses show her looking innocent. Revealing clothing and how she wears her clothing. Make-up used and how the make-up has been put on.
  11. 11. TV presenters The uses of make-up and the clothes she wears and how she is standing. Make-up used Clothes she wears and how she wears it. The way she stands and presents herself.