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Tugas e commerce minggu 1-6


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Tugas e commerce minggu 1-6

  1. 1. NAMA : FERMAI FAHLA NPM : 0857201000412Tugas E-commerce minggu ke-1Pembagian kelompokNama kelompok :  Fermai Fahla(0857201000412)  Johan Tamaka(0857201000413)Tugas : Onlinekan phpB2BTugas E-commerce minggu ke-2Upload online phpB2BTugas E-commerce minggu ke-3Bussinise Online phpB2B  Fermai Fahla(0857201000412)  Johan Tamaka(0857201000413)Link : E-commerce minggu ke-4Membuat project Veture-Lab,Technology Entrepreneurship dengan membentuk Tim :  Fermai Fahla(0857201000412)  Johan Tamaka(0857201000413)Link:
  2. 2. Tugas e-commerce minggu ke-5Membuat bussinise model canvas untuk ide project kita.  Fermai Fahla(0857201000412)  Johan Tamaka(0857201000413)Link: e-commerce minggu ke-6Link : Key Partnership Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Customer Segments Relationships * material suppliers * sell marchandise * various original * football fans juventus football club marchandise * timely delivery to any especially fans of * The advertiser fans juventus football colleagues the club juventus fans * products are not *specialized in perishable and durable selling genuine goods are not * free shipping counterfeit Key Resources Channels * Wesite * Website * Social media * Social media * Human resource * M-banking Cost Structure Revenue Streams * Software * revenue from advertising campaigns on the internet * Human resource * Sale * Marketing