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Quest For It Excellence


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An overview of managing information technology assets for the strategic benefit of the organisation

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Quest For It Excellence

  1. 1. The Quest for IT Excellence<br />Strategic Technology Enterprise Asset Management<br />
  2. 2. Problem Statement<br /><ul><li>The modern organisation is under pressure to deliver continuous service and maintain a competitive edge
  3. 3. The modern organisation is becoming increasingly dependent on IT systems to achieve these goals
  4. 4. There are incessant pressures, internally and externally, on the organisation that drive change
  5. 5. IT needs to ensure that it is agile enough to cope with the demands of managing these changes
  6. 6. This agility is supported by an awareness of the IT infrastructure and its capabilities to support these changes
  7. 7. The awareness can only be supported by managing IT assets in terms of knowing what is out there, how the various dependencies are constructed, and supported by current and relevant documentation </li></li></ul><li>The Dimensions of STEAM<br />Target Attributes<br />STEAM Disciplines<br />STEAM Outputs<br />Servers<br />End User Devices<br />Connectivity<br />Facilities<br />DISCOVERY management<br />Locations<br />Networks<br />Devices<br />Services<br />Applications<br />Software<br />People<br />Documents<br />Internal<br />External<br />Top Down<br />Bottom Up<br />DEPENDENCY management<br />Technology Library<br />Services Library<br />Applications Library<br />Governance Library<br />DOCUMENTATION management<br />
  8. 8. The Dimensions of STEAM<br />STEAM Disciplines<br />STEAM Outcomes<br />Enterprise Facing Change Management Framework<br />Ensures conservation of information<br />Conserves Business Knowledge<br />Informs Enterprise Architecture<br />Embeds Strategic Alignment, Flexibility and Capability<br />
  9. 9. How we Work<br />Building Frameworks<br />INFRASTRUCTURE DISCOVERY<br />INFRASTRUCTURE DOCUMENTATION<br />INFRASTRUCTURE DEPENDENCY<br />SERVICE CONTINUITY<br />BSM <br />Services<br />SERVICE CONTINUITY<br />IMPROVED OPERATIONS<br />IMRPOVED GOVERNANCE<br />Results<br />Approach<br />STRATEGY<br />IT MGMT FRAMEWORK<br />MENTORING<br />ON GOING TRAINING<br />DISCOVERY & DOCUMENTATION<br />Practices<br />IntoInfrastructure Professional Resume<br />